Large-scale and small-scale agriculture share many similarities, as well as a few differences. While farmers of both have the same goals in mind when it comes to production, the equipment used to get the job done often varies.

We’ve put together a video gallery, featuring six pieces of John Deere agriculture equipment that we believe simplify small agriculture farming processes, enjoy!

John Deere: 5 Series Utility Tractors Video

The John Deere 5 Series Utility Tractors provide high value at a low cost. There are three series ranging from 45-101 HP; the 5D Series for smaller acreage; 5E Series for heavy duty jobs; and 5E Limited Series for more power, traction and comfort.

John Deere: 6 Family of Tractors Video

The John Deere 6 Family of Utility and Row Crop Tractors has three series, each capable to assist small agriculture farmers. Lifting, loading, tilling, baling, planting, and much more can be easily performed thanks to the John Deere 6 Family.

John Deere: Specialty Tractors Video

Small agriculture projects can call for unique pieces of equipment. John Deere’s Specialty Tractors include models that come in different shapes and sizes, ready to take on tasks that standard tractors can’t.

John Deere: 900 Series MoCo Trailer Video

Tackling rough hay fields can be a challenge. John Deere’s 900 Series Mower Conditioners include many features that allow them to hold up among even the toughest crops.

John Deere: 2013 Round Balers Video

In this video, John Deere displays the improvements to their 9 Series Round Balers. These include an enhanced drive line and tractor baler automation technology, an industry first.

John Deere: 3E & 3R Compact Utility Tractors Video

The 3E and 3R Series of Compact Utility Tractors offer loader capabilities and the versatility of about 200 implement match-ups. The series includes climate controlled cabs and custom speed options. The 3R’s load match electronic management system maximizes torque while minimizing stalling.

We hope these videos provided some insight into the world of small agriculture production and a few pieces of equipment that could be very helpful during the process. If you enjoyed this post or want to read others, feel free to connect with us on Facebook or check out more videos on our YouTube channel

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