What is JD Link?

The JD Link software is designed to track your fleet of John Deere vehicles, monitor vehicle health, simplify maintenance scheduling, increase vehicle up-time, track operator productivity, and assist in recovering stolen machinery. The John Deere Link software was ultimately created to make agriculture machines smarter and more efficient.

Every year there are hundreds of tractors reported stolen in the United States. With this in mind, John Deere has implemented JD Link software to help law enforcement return stolen tractors to the hard-working farm owners.

This John Deere video explains how the JD Link system can keep your tractors safe when you are not present. With JD Link, owners can create Geofencing around their tractor. If the tractor breaks the plane of your Geofence, your tractor will call a predetermined number which you have requested.

Equipment owners are then able to monitor the location of their equipment on any computer. The JD Link software gives equipment owners the opportunity to assist law enforcement in retrieving their stolen property.

This video exemplifies the responsiveness of the JD Link system when caring for your vehicle’s overall health. In this video, the JD Link software informs a local John Deere dealer that his John Deere 8R Series Tractor is in need of an air filter. Without realizing it, the owner of the tractor receives a surprise visit from his friendly Deere Dealer who informs him of his vehicle’s needs.

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