John Deere is more than just tractors; we also offer a strong line of Frontier Attachments, and many at that. After all, it’s sometimes the attachments that make the tractor. Without a bale unroller, hay couldn’t be spread out and cows couldn’t eat. Without a box blade, land couldn’t be smoothed out or shifted into a different formation for the purpose of maintaining dirt or gravel roads.

Take a look at these 6 attachments for utility tractors:

Wheel Rake

This is a rake used to collect hay or straw that has been cut. The wheel rake is a variety of the hay rake.

Hay Tedders

If the wheel rake is used to collect hay into windrows, the hay tedder exists purely to undo that work. A hay tedder is used to spread out the hay so that it may dry quickly.

Bale Unroller

A bale unroller’s function is exactly what it sounds like: It unrolls bales of hay. Used to reverse the effects of a hay baler, its function is to set up hay for grazing farm animals.

Box Blade

Yet another attachment for a utility tractor is the box blade, used to smooth out land or add contours to it.

Wood Chipper

The wood chipper, similar to the bale unroller, has a name that indicates its function as well. The wood chipper will take a log that is inserted and turn it into wood.

Broadcast Spreader

This is sometimes also called a broadcast seeder. However, its functions aren’t merely limited to seeding. It can also fertilize, sand, and be used to melt ice.

An attachment is what takes a tractor from a powerful machine to a purposeful vehicle. John Deere offers many different attachments to enhance the quality of your tractor. Often the attachment is just as important as the actual tractor, so be sure to review which of the 6 above attachments might be best suited for your purposes!

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