The previous version of MachineFinder allowed only one way to view listings. That was basically a spreadsheet view. Now, we have three different views: Standard, Gallery, and Map view.

The map view has some very cool features integrated into it!

First, we plot the first 250 machines matching your search on the map. More than 250 pinpoints on the map clutter things up too much, so we limit things to 250 for that view only. This lets you look at where 250 machines are across the country all at once. Other views and sites limit you to 10, 25, 50, etc. This lets you plot the whole set right away.

Map view is also customizable. You can zoom in and out, move around, look at the road/map view, a satellite view, or a hybrid view.

Each pinpoint, if you click on them, displays a lot of information:

  • Link to the dealer’s entire inventory listings
  • Link to each machine matching your search criteria located at that dealership
  • You can see each machine’s year, make, model, hours, and price
  • Link to get driving directions to the dealership

The link to driving directions is very slick. Click on it, and it will plot the dealership’s latitude and longitude as the “destination” or Point B. Then, next to Point A, simply put in your address, or your town, or your zip, and click “Get Directions”. It’s that simple! It will tell you how many miles away the dealer is and how to get there. This can be extremely valuable when calculating shipping and time to drive to see the machine in order to ‘kick the tires’.

Remember, the map view can be approximate. We’re generally right on with the dealer’s latitude and longitude, but a few might be a few blocks off. Be sure to contact the dealer and be sure you have their exact address when plotting directions to their facility.

If you haven’t tried the Map View of the search results, give it a try! It’s a more unique way to look at the machines you’re looking for and where they’re located.

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