John Deere — not just a brand, but a symbol of American pride and tradition — has managed to find its way into various sectors of mainstream culture (not just John Deere tractors).   The symbolic fusion of green and yellow brings no other brand to mind and is one of the most common custom paint schemes of the cycle world.

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“John Deere” is arguably the most consistently popular theme for both custom bicycle builders and custom motorcycle creators. The iconic green and yellow livery says “American farm tractor” to an even greater extent than golden yellow says “bulldozer.” Deere actually has a long history with bicycles; and their farm equipment stores were a main source of bikes for rural youth in the late 19th century. Their “Deere Leader”, “Deere Roadster”, and “Moline Special” were so popular that the company realized $150,000 in 1895, just from bicycle sales. Deere had discontinued bike sales by 1900, but resumed again during the next “bike craze” decade- the ’70s.

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(Credit: bikerodnkustom)

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