If you’re the proud owner (as if there were any other kind) of a John Deere tractor, you’re likely the owner of a pickup truck.

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John Deere Trucks. Green ad black Chevy

(Credit: peppergrasss)

John Deere Trucks. Green Ford

(Credit: 512 Photography)

John Deere Trucks, Green and yellow

(Credit: TheJohnnyKing)

John Deere Trucks - Ford truck

(Credit: Creating Character)

John Deere Trucks - Chevy

(Credit: Mark Conard)

John Deere Trucks

(Credit: MR38)

John Deere Trucks - VW

(Credit: 71sBeetle)

John Deere Trucks

(Credit: treasurehunteraz1)

John Deere Trucks - monster truck

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