With the kids out of school this summer, what better way to keep the family entertained than to break out the remote control John Deere Gator collection? These off-road radio controlled vehicles are ready to tackle any obstacle that lies in their path, so make way for these 3 action-packed toys!

JD Micro Remote Control Monster Tread Gator

Micro Remote Control Monster Tread Gator: With this monster tread style Gator, complete with infrared controls forward, reverse, left, and right, kids can go anywhere! In fact, this micro Gator can drive under coffee tables, around couches, and in the space between the TV and the wall. The only thing to remember with this bite-sized version of the real thing is to remember where you parked it so you can find it later!

John Deere Monster Treads Radio Control Gator

1/8 John Deere Monster Treads Radio Control Gator: The best of both worlds collide when John Deere meets monster vehicle styling! With this set of wheels, kids can cruise at super-fast, off-road speed on ultra tough all-terrain tires. Recommended for ages 8 and up, the JD remote control Gator features a fully functional radio control, a 9.6V rechargeable battery, frequency 49 MHZ, and more!

5" JD Monster Treads Radio Control RSX Gator

5″ Monster Treads Radio Control RSX Gator: Make way for this super fast, remote control monster treads RSX Gator this summer! With monster tread style and soft monster sized tires, this 5″ Gator is tough on any terrain, indoors or out—so get those wheels in motion!

With the kids out of the classroom this summer, get that hand-eye coordination in full swing with JD’s collection of remote control gators. Each model comes complete with its own set of unique features and is sure to keep the little ones entertained so that those long summer days can turn into early nights!

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