Well, we just passed the 6 week mark for the launch of the new MachineFinder.com website! After a year in development, it’s been nice to sit back and watch our customers interact with our new site. While the vast majority of the feedback we’ve gotten has been positive, we have certainly heard from customers with great ideas and suggestions for our site.

Well, in just a few weeks time, we’ve listened to your feedback and have implemented a few changes already!

Improved Pagination

This was the #1 request we heard from customers, and that is the ability to click over to the next set of search results without scrolling back up to the top. We now have included a new “Results Navigator” and put it at the top and bottom of search results. Some highlights of the new results navigator are:

  • Appears at both the top and the bottom of the search results.
  • Better access to the special “My MachineFinder” features for registered users including saved equipment, saved searches, and equipment wanted requests.
  • Ability to easily change how you view your results by flipping between Standard, Gallery, and Map views.
  • The ability to filter results for only those listings with photos.

Here is what the new Results Navigator looks like:

More Visible Equipment Wanted Requests

This was addressed partially with the new Results Navigator above. Basically, some customers had a hard time figuring out how and where to enter an Equipment Wanted request. To assist, we moved it right to the navigation bar in the search results. We have a few more ideas about how to improve this area, so stay tuned as we keep working on this feature.

Improved Site Speed

In the early days of our re-launch, we did have a few speed issues with the site depending where you were, and we heard from some of those customers. All speed issues have been addressed to this point. Reminder: MachineFinder works best in IE 7 or Firefox!

Defaulted Distance Sorting

Many of our longtime users who were used to putting in their zip code to do a search had trouble finding and using the same functionality on the new site. So, we changed our sorting options to make sorting by “distance” the default. This has really helped many of our tried and true customers and we’re glad to report that the response from this small change has been great!

So, to everyone who uses our site, please keep the constructive feedback coming. This site is for you to find the equipment you need for your operation. Our new MachineFinder was built from several years of customer feedback in mind, and even after our new launch we will continue to listen to what our customers have to say and work to constantly make improvements.

Future Enhancements to MachineFinder

For future improvements, based on user feedback, we have the following things in mind:

  • Next/Previous Machine navigation for machine detail pages
  • New, improved sub-category searches, making it easier to jump to just the riding lawn equipment, or specific tillage category for example, instead of searching the more broad category.
  • Easier ability to place Equipment Wanted requests to our John Deere dealers. We plan on improving this feature even further making it easier to find and easier to use.

Of these three new feature enhancements, which would you like to see us work on next and why?

Thanks for the feedback!

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