When most people think about utility vehicles, the words “slow,” “farming,” and “work” are often the first words used in association. While these vehicles are great for work and farming purposes, they offer much more to operators. John Deere’s YouTube page features several exciting John Deere Gator videos; we’ve gone through and selected 5 of our favorites.

Rather than simply reading product descriptions about Gators, check out this collection of videos which give a motion picture look inside the world of John Deere’s utility vehicles.

This video gives the viewer an all-access look inside the manufacturing process of Gators in Horicon, Wisconsin. A behind the scenes look into temperature, sound, suspension and other tests provide a look into what goes into the manufacturing and field testing processes towards creating the 825i XUV.

Several reviewers hop inside the John Deere RSX850i Gator to take on the desert trails of Moab, Utah, as they offer their input on its off-road performance abilities. The riders explain how easily the Gator traveled up rock stairs and handled other difficult terrain. One rider says he got the Gator up to 51 mph on a straight away (and could have gone faster had another rider not been in front of him).

Experience the capability of the John Deere Gator XUV 855D as it cruises around the European countryside. All of its capabilities are featured, rather than a product page. Check out 855D’s talents in action. On-screen captions describe features being shown to form a short story for the viewer.

Utility vehicle riders are asked to take the John Deere Gator XUV 4×4 for a spin in this video to bust some of the common stereotypes associated with the Gator (as mentioned earlier). Many of the riders become very surprised how much power and handling ability the Gator has, changing their minds about its use as solely a “working” vehicle.

In our last featured video, Gator operators take on trail terrain through the woods. Handling, power, and stability on turns are noted by the riders as positive aspects of the vehicle.

John Deere Gators seemingly offer more to riders than simply a working vehicle, as seen by this collection of videos. If you enjoyed this post, want to read others, or want to share some of your Gator videos, feel free to connect with us on Facebook!

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