More than 140 years ago, the first grain drill was sold and the reason for its existence has remained unchanged. Those utilizing seed drills do so because they provide a reliable, effective way of getting seed into the ground, and doing so quickly.

John Deere Planting

However, since the development and sale of the first seed drill, like anything else, evolution has occurred. John Deere is one of the leaders in the advancement, offering a series of box drills to give crop producers the opportunity to get seed into the ground, fast. Let’s take a look at Deere’s full range of box drills and what each one has to offer.

1590 No-Till Drill

John Deere 1590

The 1590 Drill is ideal for those looking to plant row crops. As seed prices rise, the electronic population rate control on the 1590 allows producers to adjust the population right from the tractor cab. The seedboxes have large capacities for longer intervals between stops for refilling, keeping producers in the field planting for longer periods of time, while the single-disk openers provide consistent and accurate seed placement throughout the process.

455 Front-Folding Grain Drill

John Deere 455

The 455 Drill is ideal for small grain and grass planting in fields where most or all of the residue has been buried or sized and incorporated by tillage applications as they have openers suited more for min-till or conventional-till conditions. With a 35-foot three-section 455, operators can seed at 6mph, drilling more than 20 acres per hour. Lots of acres can be covered when hooking up to a two-section 25-foot, or 30-foot three-section machine. The full hydraulic front fold system makes folding and transport a one-person operation.

1520 Integral Drill

John Deere 1520

This drill features double-disk openers which place seed with precision. Opener blades are off-set a quarter-inch for better penetration and a narrow (10-degree) angle between blades means a lower pinch point and more consistent trenches. The 15-foot model includes a 42 bushel seedbox while the 20-foot model hosts a 40 bushel seedbox, each large enough to extend intervals between stops for refilling.

1570 Coulter Cart

John Deere 1570

The1570 is equipped as a coulter cart, turning your 1520 Drill into a useful no-till tool. It’s a great tool for field condition changes thanks to the parallel linkage which transfers weight on-the-go for extra down-pressure. The 3-point hitch keeps weight transfer steady from the tractor to the cart for optimal penetration and the 1570 can be hooked to an integral planter as well.

BD11 Series End-Wheel Grain Drill

John Deere BD11

While performing with high efficiency in well-prepared fields, the BD11 Drill (8, 10 and 13 foot-wide models) separates from the pack during rough conditions thanks to as much as 124 pounds of downpressure per opener to slice through tough soil and moderate residue, leading to a more accurate, consistent seeding depth.

John Deere Box Drills, like the ones mentioned in this post, are suited for various types of planting with the same end goal in mind: ensuring a consistent seedbed is placed even in rough soil conditions. If you enjoyed this post or want to read others, feel free to connect with us on Facebook!

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