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Agricultural Equipment to Maximize Yields During Crop Planting Season

May 18, 2020

Farmers everywhere know that in order to maximize yields, they must take specific steps before and during the planting season. While it typically depends on weather conditions, it is best if larger crops such as corn or soybeans are planted between mid-April and mid-May. Each farmer is different in terms of how they plant, with each practicing a range of techniques and employing various types of agricultural equipment to get their land where they need it to be for the current season and for seasons to come.

Showcasing the John Deere DB120: Deere’s Largest Planter Yet

March 30, 2016

When the John Deere DB120 was introduced, it immediately made headlines across the farming community as it became Deere’s largest planter ever. However, this planter has even more to offer crop producers than initially meets the eye. While its 120-ft. toolbar is astonishing in itself, there are a number of other features that can easily get discounted.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the features that are available with this 48-row planter from John Deere.

Planting with John Deere at the National Farm Machinery Show 2016 (Interview Series)

March 10, 2016

The National Farm Machinery show continues to be the largest indoor farm show in America. This year’s show was made up of 850 exhibitors that covered 1.2 million square feet of floor space in Louisville, Kentucky.

We’ve put together a video gallery providing an inside look at the John Deere planter display for the agriculture enthusiasts who weren’t able to attend the 2016 show. In this video series, you will find out the key features and benefits that help planters realize their ideal planting windows. Enjoy!

National Farm Machinery Show 2016 (Interview 1)

A Look Back at the Foundation of John Deere Planter History

July 27, 2015

Today’s John Deere planters allow producers to plant corn, soybeans, cotton, sugar beets, and popcorn accurately at 10 mph thanks to top-notch technological features. But, where did it all begin?

Screenshot (2

To better understand how planting equipment got to where it is today, we’ve put together a list of some of the most critical moments of John Deere planter history, enjoy!

The Early Beginnings

Driven by the industry’s need for an accurate corn planter, Charles Deere (John Deere’s son) and Alvah Mansur (a Deere family business partner) formed the Deere & Mansur Company to manufacture planters. At the time, the planter company was operated separately from the Deere plow company in a small two-story building in Moline.

5 Tips to Maximize Yields This Planting Season

May 14, 2015

Are you looking to improve your planting performance this spring to achieve maximum yields while also simplifying the entire operation? Because every grower has unique needs when it comes to planting technology and parts, it’s necessary to consider a variety of techniques each and every planting season.

planting season

With John Deere’s complete line of flexible planting options, including parts, services, and attachments, you can choose what equipment works best for you. For this reason, we’ve put together a list of 5 essential tips to help you best utilize your equipment and maximize yields this planting season.

Visualizing a Fresh Start with John Deere Planting Photos

June 5, 2014

For producers, the crop planting season marks a fresh start. However, along with this fresh start comes many days filled with long hours preparing fields and delivering seeds to the seedbed aboard a variety of planting equipment. Throughout this process, it’s safe to assume those planting the crops don’t often take the time to step out of their machines, step back from their work, and appreciate the natural scenery that their equipment and the landscape it sits upon, produces.

John Deere DB Planter

Video Gallery: Add More and Do More with John Deere Attachments

May 15, 2014

Farmers are always looking for ways to improve production and efficiency on the field. A great way to optimize performance is to add John Deere attachments to your existing system. By doing this, you will increase the growing potential of your land while maximizing the value of your equipment. Let’s take a look at some of the enhancement options that can help in reducing costs and maximizing yield.

Precise and Efficient Planting Results

Utilizing John Deere Box Drills to get Seed in the Ground Fast

March 24, 2014

More than 140 years ago, the first grain drill was sold and the reason for its existence has remained unchanged. Those utilizing seed drills do so because they provide a reliable, effective way of getting seed into the ground, and doing so quickly.

John Deere Planting

However, since the development and sale of the first seed drill, like anything else, evolution has occurred. John Deere is one of the leaders in the advancement, offering a series of box drills to give crop producers the opportunity to get seed into the ground, fast. Let’s take a look at Deere’s full range of box drills and what each one has to offer.

Gearing up for Spring with 6 Planter Maintenance Tips

February 24, 2014

With March just around the corner, spring planting preparations need to start coming to the top of crop producers’ agendas. While planters have likely been dormant for much of the cold winter, late February and early March are the perfect time to perform mechanical checks and maintenance before firing up the engine for another spring on the field.

John Deere Sprayer

We’ve established a list of six easy-to-perform planter maintenance tips that will make sure your planter is ready to do its job efficiently, resulting in an optimal yield at year’s end.

So, prior to heading into the field this spring, be sure to…