Harvesting season is an extremely busy time for cotton harvesters, and likely the most stressful stretch of year. However, it shouldn’t be seen as something dreadful, but rather it should be celebrated! John Deere’s 7760 Cotton Picker makes enjoying ginning season a little easier by bringing many offerings to the table.

Let’s take a look at some key features of the 7760 Cotton Picker that have completely changed the cotton harvesting game and taken producers to the next level.

7760 Cotton Picker

Labor and Equipment Savings

Deere’s 7760 Cotton Picker provides labor and equipment savings, leading to more efficient operations for cotton producers. Oftentimes, producers are challenged with the tasks of finding dependable labor and keeping multiple pickers in operation. However, the 7760 gives operators the ability to pick more cotton in less time, and with far less equipment needed. Producers will experience more efficiency on the field, while reducing the risks of finding labor.

Ginning Advantages

The 7760 Cotton Picker has brought great innovation to harvesting and helped ginners in reducing their strain during the busy season. Farmers who generate round modules from their 7760 can move their modules with increased transportation flexibility. This is surely not the only advantage that ginners will reap. The round modules are fully wrapped to minimize cotton loss while sheltering it from any possible moisture. Ginners continue to be impressed with the consistency and protection of the 7760 Cotton Picker, which is translating into more money in their pockets.

More Power to Pick in Demanding Conditions

Bad weather conditions present producers and harvesters with many challenges during the season. With the 7760 Cotton Picker, farmers are able to experience more power even when harvesting in the most demanding conditions. At full speed, the 7760 can yield up to four bales per acre while a traditional picker spends around 20 percent of it’s time unloading, waiting for boll buggies, and driving to and from the module builder. With the 7760’s non-stop harvesting system, operators are able to spend their time more productively picking cotton in the field. Farmers can say goodbye to getting stuck in mud!

Conservation of Fiber Quality

7760 Cotton Picker

While traditional pickers are affected by high winds and rain, the 7760 Cotton Picker provides weather protection so that producers don’t have to sacrifice the quality of their fiber. The wide, round modules create a unique shape around the cotton, keeping it safe from any undesired moisture. The 7760’s onboard module builder securely wraps the modules, not once or twice, but three times! This ensures farmers that their cotton fiber and seeds are protected. With no lost or damaged cotton, producers will be better able to harvest the entirety of their crop and deliver it to ginners.

Simpler, More Productive Harvest

The non-stop harvesting technology incorporated in the 7760 Cotton Picker leaves producers with an overall simpler and more productive harvest. Unlike conventional basket pickers, the 7760 provides its own onboard module building system. This eliminates the need for boll buggy drivers, module builder operators, and other equipment during cotton harvesting season. Farmers will never want to go back to using traditional cotton pickers, as they will be accustomed to never having to wait around for anything on the field.

The 7760 Cotton Picker is designed to make cotton harvesting less stressful and more enjoyable for producers. If you enjoyed this post, want to see more like it, or want a chance to be featured on our blog, please connect with us on Twitter or Facebook.

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