High farm incomes in recent years led many United States farmers towards purchasing an abundance of new equipment. As a result, dealers have been left with high inventory levels of used farm equipment because purchases of new large machines often times involve a trade-in of older models.

John Deere CPO

Much like buying a used car, purchasing used agriculture equipment can require an abundance of research and examination prior to the acquisition. John Deere has recognized the increasing number of used machines on dealers’ lots and has put a Certified Pre-Owned Equipment program in place to provide customers with peace of mind and understanding of what they’re getting out of their purchase when they sign on the dotted line. Let’s take a look at the new CPO program at a glance as well as some of the features that make it one-of-a-kind in the used equipment market.

John Deere CPO at a Glance: The Certified Pre-Owned program was created to assist Deere customers that are looking for field-ready used machines with up-to-date technology and features to increase productivity levels on the farm. This program presents producers that haven’t upgraded their equipment fleet in a few years with an excellent opportunity to do so, and do so with confidence. Current qualified models for the CPO program include STS/S-Series combines up to two model years old with 1,000 engine hours or less and 8R/8RT, 9030 and 9R/9RT Series tractors up to three model years old with 1,500 engine hours or less.

Tractor and Combine Zoom

Tractor Inspection: Prior to receiving CPO recognition, Deere’s qualified 4WD tractors need to be examined by a John Deere technician and pass more than 170 points of inspection, including:

  • Percentage remaining inspection
  • Overall tire condition inspection
  • Oil level check
  • Engine oil and filter check
  • Air filter check
  • Turbo inspection
  • Exhaust system check
  • Head gasket inspection
Cooling System
  • Front cooling module /open
  • coolers and clean straighten any bent cooling fins
  • Radiator cap 2 years/replacement
  • Air filter check
  • Coolant level/check
Fuel System
  • Lines and injectors check
  • Fuel tank Vent Clean-750 Hours
  • Fuel tank/sump 250 Hour-Drain
Electrical System
  • Battery check
  • Battery cables/ends check
  • Starter operation check
  • Neutral start system check
  • Check starter terminal guard
Power Train
  • Oil level check
  • Transmission operation check
  • PST Accumulator check
  • System operating pressure test
  • Steering operation check
  • Steering valve check
  • Steering motor inspection
  • Tie rod and drag link ends
Operator’s Stations
  • Seat belt inspection
  • Seat operation
  • Cab body inspection
  • Cab body mounting inspection
Hitch and Hydraulic Systems
  • Main pump standby pressure test
  • Hydraulic pump flow test from SCV
  • Draft link support bushing
  • Inspect drawbar and support
  • Aux drive belt tensioner inspection
  • Aux drive belt condition inspection

John Deere Technician

Combine Inspection: Much like the tractor certification process, Deere’s qualified combines must first pass a technician-performed test of more than 200 inspection points, including:

  • Percentage remaining inspection
  • Overall tire condition inspection
Control System
  • Fluid test
  • Record, clear all stored codes
  • Update all new software
FeederHouse Area
  • Safety shields
  • Feeder house drive chain, sprockets, idlers, guides chain
  • Slip clutch
  • Reverser/header drive spline, shaft, hoses, couplers, wiring
Feed Accelerator (Fast)
  • Drive belt
  • Tension arm, spring, idler
  • Serrated wear strips
  • Smooth wear strips
Combine Left Side
  • Safety shields
  • Batteries/cables, connections, fluid level
  • Electric clutch, brush module
  • Primary countershaft 90º gear case
Combine Right Side
  • Safety shields
  • Batteries – cables, connections and fluid level
  • Gull wings and air cylinders
Engine Compartment
  • Ladder
  • Rotary screen and belt
  • Vac fan drive belt and idlers
  • Aftercooler and fins
  • Check oil cooler
Grain Tank Section
  • Bin extensions and tank
  • Check operation of folding covers if equipped
  • Calibrate unloading auger engagement
  • Cab ladder
  • Cab roof
  • Mirrors
  • Cab air filters – pre-cleaner, air filter and recirculating filter
  • Feederhouse safety stop
  • Lights – all outside lights and functions dome light, warning lights and buzzers
  • Ladder safety chains

PowerGuard: As mentioned previously, peace of mind is essential when purchasing used agriculture equipment. As part of the CPO program, every qualified piece of equipment comes with a one-year PowerGuard protection plan that covers all the main components of the engine, transmission, final drives, hubs, steering components, electronics, hydraulics, cab, and air conditioning.To learn more about the CPO program, visit MachineFinder’s John Deere CPO page and take a look at the video below:

Purchasing used agriculture equipment can now be done with supreme confidence thanks to John Deere’s new CPO program. If you enjoyed this post or want to read others, feel free to connect with us on Facebook!

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