The earliest pieces of cotton harvesting equipment only had the ability to harvest one row of cotton at a time. While this may not seem like much today, it was a modern marvel for its time, replacing the need for hand laborers and expediting the cotton production process substantially.  Fast-forwarding to today, cotton growers have numerous options when it comes time to harvest, often times using equipment that has the ability to harvest multiple rows of cotton plants at once.

John Deere CP690

While the size and power of these pieces of equipment has significantly evolved over time, so has the technology aboard, making control of this equipment and access to valuable data, easier than ever before. In order for operators to fully leverage the capabilities of these technologies, they must first understand the functionality. We’ve put together a video gallery featuring seven helpful videos pertaining to setup and control of John Deere C690 cotton harvester CommandCenters.

John Deere C690 CommandCenter™ Layout and Navigation

This video offers a high-level explanation and walk-through of the layout and navigation that belongs to the CommandCenter™ display on the C690 Cotton Harvesters. This is a beneficial video to view before operating the technology and its other functions.

John Deere C690 CommandCenter™ Video Setup

The video menu button on the CommandCenter Display opens a screen that displays the status of video triggering, allowing operators to select video monitor functions and associated video duration. The video system can be run automatically or manually, depending on operator preference. Learn more about this functionality by watching the full video clip.

John Deere C690 CommandCenter™ Display Transfer

Those that prefer their information on a GS3 monitor can do so by the push of a button on the CommandCenter arm rest display. Watch this video to learn the step-by-step process in doing so successfully.

John Deere C690 CommandCenter™ Service Modes

The “Daily Service Mode” screen allows the operator to select the service function of wrap load mode and in addition, on the CP690, row-unit tether and lube/tether modes. Watch this video to get a detailed description of how to successfully leverage all of the service modes’ functions.

John Deere C690 CommandCenter™ Messages and Navigation

This video discusses the information available in the diagnostic information menu in the CommandCenter Display on the C690 cotton harvesters. Watch this video to learn how to access these critical machine notifications, including, active alarms, diagnostic readings, and calibration.

John Deere C690 CommandCenter™ Menus and Setup

John Deere C690 cotton harvester CommandCenter Displays include a number of important-to-understand menus and settings such as harvest information and machine configuration. Buttons common to CS690 and CP690 harvesters include, “Round Module Builder,” “Cotton Fan,” “Header,” “Moisture Flush,” and “Video Setup.” Watch this video to learn more about each of these menus and settings.

John Deere C690 Corner Post Display

The Corner Post Display provides essential machine information to the operator. The display is divided into three areas including, warning indicators, engine and drive train information and the cotton handling systems area. Watch this video to gather some more in-depth information about the display and its functionality.

Hopefully, this video gallery gives operators some additional confidence when hopping in the cab of their C690 cotton harvester and using its CommandCenter Display system. Additional videos are available by searching “John Deere GoCotton” on YouTube.  If you enjoyed this post and would like to see more like it, feel free to connect with us on Facebook

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