Until now, training operators on construction equipment has not been easy or cheap. Enter: John Deere simulators. These training simulators are a cost-effective, safe, and efficient solution to train new operators in a risk-free environment. With highly detailed and realistic lessons, new operators will learn the proper techniques, machine controls and safe operations in a virtual job site.

John Deere simulators for excavators, crawler dozers, wheel loaders and more are completely customer-driven. They incorporate real-world situations, job site hazards, safety violations, hand signals, equipment damage, budget based scoring, and replica machine controls to effectively train operators.

In effort to better explain this groundbreaking technology, we’ve put together a video gallery, featuring some of our favorite John Deere simulators for construction.

This video provides an overview of John Deere construction simulators and how they offer a risk-free environment for new operator to become familiar with the controls, learn techniques, and gain confidence before stepping foot in a real machine. These simulators incorporate replicas of the actual machine controls and extremely realistic graphics with several options for an even more realistic experience.

This video looks at the John Deere Excavator Simulator, which teaches 8 highly detailed and realistic lessons. These lessons include control familiarization, placement for trenching, end of day parking, loading trucks from a bench, digging a level trench, setting a trench box, picking and placing a pipe, and loading onto a lowboy trailer.

The John Deere Crawler Dozer Simulator contains 9 lessons, including controls familiarization, maneuvering on a jobsite, blade control, spreading base stone, production dozing, stump removal, pioneering, finishing a slide slope, and loading onto a trailer.

This video explains the 9 important lessons featured in the John Deere Wheel Loader Simulator. Controls familiarization, bucket loading, driving on a jobsite, moving a load with narrow forks, unloading a flatbed with forks, moving a wide load with forks, feather bedding into a trench, truck loading, loading onto a lowboy trailer. These lessons teach new operators proper techniques, machine controls, and safe operation in a virtual jobsite.

Having the ability to train operators with little chance of injury, no machine or property damage, no fuel costs, no emissions, no machine downtown or weather stoppage is well worth it, especially when cost of a simulator is only a fraction of the cost of the actual construction equipment. Hopefully, this video gallery has helped in understanding the many uses of John Deere simulators for construction. If you enjoyed this post or want to read others, feel free to connect with us on Facebook!

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