8 John Deere Tillers and 3-Point Hitch Attachments for Spring Upkeep

March 16, 2015

Now that spring is just around the corner, gardeners and agriculturalists alike are thinking about ways they can improve their work outdoors. Rotary tillers and 3-point hitch attachments from John Deere can help you get the job done faster than last season, giving you more time to enjoy the warm weather this spring.

Here are eight John Deere products you may want to consider adding to your collection of equipment.

1) 30-in. Mechanical Tiller

30-in TillerThis tiller can help you prepare seedbeds and control weeds in a matter of a few minutes. In turn, you’ll be more productive around the garden and the yard.

Compatible with: X500, X520, X530, X540

2) 42-in. Hydraulic Tiller

Hydraulic Tiller The hydraulic tiller is also optimal at saving time when it comes to controlling weeds and preparing seedbeds for planting. It has the ability to till up to six inches deep.

Compatible with: X530, X540, X700 Series

3) 25-Bushel Frontier Manure Spreader

John Deere 25 Bushel Manure Spreader

This manure spreader can make sure that you evenly spread compost or mulch throughout your planting area. It has galvanized steel sides and poly bonded plywood floors.

Compatible with: X700 Series

4) 48-in. 647 Rotary Tiller, 3-Point Hitch

647 Tiller This tiller has a heavy-duty 3-point hitch design that can help prepare everything from seed beds to golf courses, depending on your needs.

Compatible with: X700 Series

5) 45-Gallon 3-Point Hitch Sprayer

45 gal sprayer The 45-Gallon 3-Point Hitch Sprayer is designed to spray with a 120-inch wide width. It has a 19-foot hose and handgun with a 14-inch wand for spraying trees or other remote areas.

Compatible with: X700 Series

6) 60-in. Frontier Rear Mount Blade, 3-Point Hitch

Rear mount blade This blade is ideal for leveling and grading terrain, whether it’s driveways, gravel roads or other landscapes around the house. It has a tubular steel frame and full radius moldboard.

Compatible with: X700 Series

7) 48-in. Frontier Box Blade, 3-Point Hitch

Box blade Whether you need to handle leveling, landscaping or grading, this Frontier Box Blade can help you get the job done. It also has replaceable hardened scarifier points and iMatch capability.

Compatible with: X700 Series

8) 60-in. Frontier Landscape Rake, 3-Point Hitch

This rake is designed to clear rock or debris to help you level soil before you prepare a seedbed. It features a tubular steel frame and pivot for the utmost convenience.

Compatible with: X700 Series

Before you begin preparing your yard or garden for spring, take a look at the equipment John Deere has to offer. One of these tillers or 3-point hitch attachments may help reduce the time and effort spent on your landscape this season.

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