Experienced landscapers understand that there’s more to mowing than simply shortening the blades of grass that cover the property. It’s also about quality, comfort, and efficiency. That’s where John Deere’s ZTrak mowers come into play, fitting these needs for residential mowing and commercial customers alike.

John Deere ZTrak Mowers

To give landscapers a better understanding of what these mower models have to offer, we’ve broken down the ZTrak options by series, providing a look at some of the key features that each possess.


Z600 Series

John Deere Z600 Series

The Z600 Series is designed to pair power with performance. Edge High-Capacity mower decks (48, 54 and 60-in) offer an extraordinarily quality cut regardless of the conditions and 23-inch tires provide a smooth ride. V-twin engines (24 and 25-hp) propel the mowers up to ground speeds of 9-mph while features like a 21-in high-back seat, controls with thick, padded grips and top-notch shock absorbers allow operators to make effortless turns with comfort. Onboard storage keeps what’s important to operators close to them and a heavy-duty transmission with no external lines keep things running at a relaxed pace. The Z600 Series comes with a 4-year/500-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty.

Z400 Series 

John Deere Z400 Series

Easy-to-start, smooth running, 22 (Z425), 24 (Z445 and Z465) and 25-hp (Z435) V-Twin engines are the power behind the 8.5 mph ground speed of the Z400 Series. Heavy-duty integrated transmission partnered with 48, 54 and 62-in mower decks make a great looking yard a natural result. Operators will be comfortable sitting in 15 or 17-in seats, complete with thick cushions and seat suspension and critical maintenance areas are easily accessed to ensure a long machine life. The Z400 Series comes with a 4-year/300-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty.

Z200 Series 

John Deere Z200

Like the other residential ZTrak mowers, the Z200 Series is equipped with V-Twin engines (20-hp on the Z235 and 22-hp on the Z255), providing up to 7-mph of ground speed. Large (18-in) rear tires, a 15-in seat with suspension, adjustable control levers and a large foot platform with standard footrests all contribute to a smooth ride. Additionally, stamped steel mower decks (42 and 48-in) are designed to provide a flawless cut. The Z200 Series comes with a 2-year/120-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty.


ZTrak R Series 

Z900 R Series

John Deere understands that contractors have no time to mess around, which is why the Z900 R Series is powered by 23.5, 25.5, 27.0, 31.0, and 35.0-hp engines with propane conversion kits available that deliver 12-mph ground speed (take a look at the diesel option for even more power). Each model in the Z900 R Series is paired with one of Deere’s 7-Iron PRO mower decks, which are available in 48, 54, 60, and 72-inch options, or Mulch On Demand decks (dependent on the model). These mower decks are stamped from a single piece of 7-gauge steel, eliminating welds or corners that may collect and clump clippings. Comfortable controls, the Hydraulic Cross-Porting System as well as the Brake-N-Go foot pedal start all make the Z900 R Series a reliable option. This series is protected by a 3-year or 1500 hour (whichever comes first) warranty (no hour limitation for the first 24 months).

ZTrak M Series 

Z900 M Series

The Z900 M Series is the perfect option for contractors with that fleets that demand efficiency. The Z900 M models have 23.5, 25.5 and 27.0-hp gas, 25.0 and 26.5-hp electronic fuel injection, as well as a 25.0-hp Flex Fuel option engines that deliver up to 10-mph of ground speed while also allowing fleet managers to select the most efficient option for the fleet. Like the Z900 R Series, each model is also paired with one of Deere’s 7-Iron PRO mower decks, or Mulch On Demand Decks. This series is protected by a 3-year or 1200 hour (whichever comes first) warranty (no hour limitation for the first 24 months).

ZTrak B Series

John Deere Z900 B

The ZTrak B Series is the ideal solution for contractors looking for the basics at an affordable price, without risking durability. The Z915B is powered by a 25.0-hp gas engine that returns 10-mph in ground speed. A heavy-duty C-channel frame, cast-iron front forks and 7-Iron II decks (48, 54 and 60-in.) all combine to provide maximum durability. Additionally, professional grade seats, large rear tires and exceptional weight distribution equate to a comfortable ride. The 11.5 gallon fuel tank will keep you gliding across the lawn all day, without refueling. This series is protected by a 3-year or 1200 hour (whichever comes first) warranty (no hour limitation for the first 24 months).

Hopefully this post helped you better understand what each John Deere ZTrak mower has to offer, making them exceptional pieces of commercial or residential mowing equipment. After all, those that take pride in their property’s appearance deserve a mower that will empower them to create results they can be happy with.

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