Your John Deere Gator is already prepared to take on the toughest terrain, but what else could you do to add to its capabilities? With the right attachments, your Gator could be even more productive and exciting. Here are 20 John Deere High Performance Gator Attachments and Accessories you might want to consider for your machine today.

1. Dual Battery Mounting Kit

This mounting kit will harness all of your wires, and it comes with a battery tray to house dual batteries for the utmost convenience. You’ll also get a battery isolator and a battery hold-down with this kit.

2. Dual Battery Mounting Kit Batteries

Need some batteries for your mounting kit? This addition comes with a 12V sealed AGM battery.

3. High Capacity Alternator

If you have more than two electrical accessories, you’ll want this alternator to keep everything powered and running smoothly.

4. Heavy Duty Front Suspension

This front strut kit will improve the ride and handling of your Gator on rough terrain.

5. Over-Temperature Sensor Kit

You won’t have to worry about your Gator overheating when you can monitor its temperature with this attachment.

6. Fox 2.0 Performance Series Shocks

These shocks from Fox Racing provide fully adjustable spring preload for various driving styles and height settings.

7. Fox High Performance Racing Shocks

Fox has made these shocks to let you tune the quality of your ride. You’ll be able to adjust the compression damping of the shock as needed.

8. High Performance Slip-On Exhaust

With this exhaust, you’ll have more horsepower and torque.

9. Adapter Parts for Engine Coolant Heater

This heater plugs into a 120-volt outlet to warm the engine on cold days.

10. Rough Terrain Kit

This kit has a damper that helps you modulate throttle input over rough terrain.

11. Speed Limiter ECU, 5 MPH

In conjunction with the Speed Limiter Kit, this product will help you reduce top speeds to 5 MPH.

12. Speed Limiter Kit

To reduce your top speed from 24.5 MPH, you’ll want to utilize this kit, which can get you down to 5 MPH without having to operate in low gear.

13. Drive Belt Splash Guard

This plastic shield will protect your drive shaft from debris while cruising over rugged terrain.

14. Sport Steering Wheel

The steering wheel has colored accents that provide comfort and appeal.

15. Adjustable Driver Seat Kit

With this kit, you’ll have a slide-rail system that provides five 9/16-inch fore-aft positions.

16. Seat-Belt Comfort Strap (2)

These straps are designed to give you comfort while you’re driving over bumpy terrain.

17. Cell Phone Mount Kit

With RAM X-Grip, you can be sure that your cell phone won’t slip away in this mount while you’re operating your Gator.

18. OPS Stereo Mounting Kit

This stereo mount comes with two speakers and antennae, giving you everything you need to set up your system.

19. AM/FM Heavy Duty Stereo

With this stereo, you’ll have AM/FM Weatherband Radio, a 4-channel 160 watt power amplifier, an AM/FM stereo with 30 presets, a full 7-channel NOAA Weatherband tuner and an AM/FM US/Euro Tuner.

20. AM/FM/WB SIRIUS Satellite & iPod Ready Stereo

This stereo is SIRIUS XM ready, meaning you can utilize this product to stream some of your favorite satellite radio stations in your Gator.

Whether you want to give your John Deere Gator some slight upgrades or simply see what’s on the market, there are plenty of attachments for you to consider.

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