When you need a mower to take on a wide expanse of land, you know that John Deere has the machinery you need to get the job done. The John Deere X300 lineup has a wide range of options to choose from, and each product is designed with durability in mind.

If you want a mower that can handle long workdays, you may want to consider the John Deere X310, as it’s designed to make mowing feel less like a chore. Here are some of the key features of the John Deere X310.

Clean Cutting

The John Deere X310 has a 42-inch Edge Xtra Deck for optimal mowing. It includes a 4-point mounting system, anti-scalp wheels and an onboard deck-leveling system for the utmost convenience. You can also hitch on the mulching attachment to control clippings during the creation process.

Air-Cooled Engine

This machine has a John Deere iTorque power system with a combination of engine features for even cooling, durability and superior lugging ability. The engine has 18.5 horsepower and a V-twin air-cooled design for smooth, quiet power. Additionally, there are cast-iron cylinder liners, overhead valves and full-pressure lubrication.

Flywheel Alternator

The flywheel alternator of the John Deere X310 helps you quickly recharge the battery and other electrical equipment so you can get back to work. It has a 15-amp capacity, and it’s regulated to prevent the battery from overcharging.

Hydraulic Lift

The hydraulic lift system on this mower is positioned on the dash, adjacent to the steering wheel. This makes it quick and easy to control the equipment while you work.

Heavy-Duty Frame

The John Deere X310 mower has a heavy-duty frame, composed of welded steel for tough jobs. It is reinforced in critical areas for additional strength as well. The frame itself is formed from 11-gauge, 0.12-inch thick material for extensive use over time.

Power Steering

The mower has hydraulic power steering, which gives you optimal control while you’re operating the machine. You’ll have less fatigue and more productivity while using the John Deere X310, thanks to the revamped power steering cylinder. The steering wheel can be adjusted or tilted for comfort as well.

Exact Adjust Ports

With Exact Adjust ports on the John Deere X310, you have convenient access for quick and easy adjustment of the mower. The ports work together with the hex tool to level the mower appropriately for the ideal cut.

Modern Design and Performance

The John Deere X310 has a modern design and performance that any of today’s agricultural enthusiasts will appreciate. The machine’s hood style is designed for cooler engine operation and less noise. Hot air is vented out through the mower’s front grill, away from you while you work.

If you’re looking to invest in a John Deere mower, visit MachineFinder.com or speak to your local John Deere dealer.

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