If you’re in the mood to spend some time under the sun, there are a number of John Deere outdoor items that can help you have a good time. Whether you’re going out with the whole family or enjoying the weather on your own, there’s a John Deere outdoor product to make summer memories.


Here are 10 John Deere outdoor items to help you kick off the season:

1. John Deere 12 Volt Ground Force with Trailer

If you’re going to be spending time with your little tots outdoors, the John Deere 12 Volt Ground Force with Trailer will make them feel at home on the farm. This trailer mimics the real deal and moves with its own battery.

2. John Deere 6 Volt Mini Power Loader

The John Deere 6 Volt Mini Power Loader will make your kids feel like they’re truly helping out around the lot. Its 6-volt battery will keep them moving around the yard.

3. Traction-X Safety Sunglasses Grey Lens/Matte Black Frame

Sunglasses are essential under the sun, and these Traction-X Safety Sunglasses are sure to keep your eyes safe. Whether you’re working or having fun, you’ll be able to see clearly on even the brightest days.

4. John Deere Logo Heavy Weight Fleece Stadium Blanket

When the sun goes down on a long summer evening, you’ll want this John Deere Logo Heavy Weight Fleece Stadium Blanket to keep you warm.

5. John Deere Gray Leaping Deere Emblem Tervis Tumbler Water Bottle

Under the summer sun, you’re bound to heat up. To make sure the weather doesn’t stop your fun, you’ll want this John Deere tumbler to keep you hydrated with plenty of water.

6. John Deere 12 Volt Ground Loader with Front Loader

Your little ones will love this John Deere loader vehicle, which is powered with 12 volts to keep it running smoothly for fun.

7. John Deere Black Construction and Forestry Jersey Coolie

What’s more fun than a coolie shaped as a jersey? This John Deere Black Construction and Forestry Coolie will fit over any can and keep it cool during a hot summer day.

8. John Deere Fashion Wrist Watch for Men

If you want to keep track of how much time you’re spending outdoors this summer, the John Deere Fashion Wrist Watch for Men is a unique, chic way to do so.

9. John Deere America’s Heartland 1000 Piece Puzzle

This puzzle is perfect for those rainy summer days when you can’t get outside. When the John Deere puzzle is complete, it depicts the beauty of America’s heartland.

10. John Deere Collectible Playing Cards

Whether you love “Go Fish” or poker, the John Deere Collectible Playing Cards are a must-have item for any John Deere enthusiast. Not to mention, they offer plenty of summer fun!

This summer, there are several ways to integrate John Deere into your family activities. To make sure that every moment incorporates your enthusiasm for Deere, consider one of these 10 products.

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