There’s an art to commercial mowing – it requires the right operators, the right equipment and the right parts. You can tighten up your mowing with John Deere commercial mower parts, designed to keep your equipment sharp and lasting for a long time.

Z900 M

We thought it would be helpful to highlight a couple of John Deere commercial mower parts that can help you master the art of mowing. First, we’ll start off with the commercial grade deck belt, used on John Deere Z900 B, M, and R Series Mowers. Enjoy!

When comparing the John Deere OEM belt and a non-OEM belt, you will see that the John Deere belt is actually designed to different dimensional standards than a standard V belt. What’s the reason for this? It’s so more surface contact can be generated between the belt and the pulleys to more efficiently transfer the power from the pulley to the rest of the deck drive system. This allows for a consistent blade tip speed and ensures an excellent cut quality.

John Deere also incorporates a double wrapped fiber in the belt to protect it from any cuts and ensure a smooth blade engagement. While the standard process for manufacturing belts does not always ensure that there are 6 cords throughout the entire belt, John Deere’s manufacturing process ensures that there are 6 highly aligned Aramid cords that are complete throughout. Aligned fibers are used within the John Deere rubber compound to reduce the amount of rolling and twisting that occurs and ensure a longer belt life.

Summary of Features & Benefits:

  1. John Deere’s double wrapped fabrics provide a softer PTO engagement to extend the life our your equipment.
  2. The deck belt is designed to the exact dimensions for a specific application, creating an efficient transfer of power from the belt. This also keeps the blade tip speed at the proper level to achieve an excellent cut quality.
  3. John Deere OEM deck belts are individually made so that all Aramid cords are complete throughout the belt. Aligned fibers are also added to the rubber compound to provide additional protection for the belt. These two elements work together to provide a long-lasting belt.

Next, let’s dive into some of the features and benefits that you’ll find on the John Deere commercial mower blades that are used on the Z900 B, M, and R Series.

When looking at the difference between the John Deere OEM blade and non-OEM blade, you will notice the flat mounting surface of the John Deere OEM blade versus the curved surface of the non-OEM. The flat mounting surface extends out to give us an even connection to the spindle and reduced vibration. This allows for 360 degrees of contact between the washer blade and the mower blade. Some non-OEM blades have a narrower mounting surface, which creates a gap between the washer and the mower blade, providing a lower quality cut.

Every angle and bend of a blade can make a difference. The geometry of the John Deere blades are tested to work well with the John Deere mower decks to provide the right air flow under your deck and ensure the best cut quality.

John Deere takes an additional step in the manufacturing process to flip the blade over and stamp it from that top. This allows for a tighter fit against the spindle to reduce vibration and wear on your commercial mower. A propriety heat and treat process called austempering is also used to harden the blades. This helps ensure that there’s a level of carbon throughout the entire blade.

Summary of Features & Benefits:

  1. John Deere mower blades are designed to a specific geometric shape, in order to create an optimal airflow under the deck and achieve an excellent cut quality.
  2. By stop stamping the center hole to create a tighter fit to the spindle, vibration is reduced and the life of the equipment is extended.
  3. High quality steel is used in the mower blade to retain carbon content in the steel and provide you with a long-lasting mower blade.

Hopefully this post has helped you understand the many features and benefits of John Deere commercial mowing parts! If you enjoyed this post or want to readh others, feel free to connect with us on Facebook, or Twitter!

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