John Deere windrowers are created with versatility and efficiency in mind, right from the factory, to allow operators to achieve a quality cut. However, these machines can be brought to even greater heights by adding any number of the available parts and attachments.

John Deere Windrower

Let’s take a look at the available John Deere windrower parts from the inside out.

Cab and Control Parts

Instructional Seat: Compatible with the W110 Windrower, this comfortable passenger seat can be put to the left of the operator and provides plenty of head and leg clearance. When the seat isn’t needed, it can be easily folded away.

Windshield Shades: The sun can become a bit of a nuisance when cutting grain. By implementing windshield shades, operators can eliminate sun glare and keep the cab cool. Available on the W110 and W150, the shades are easy to install and roll up when the sun crawls behind the clouds.

Power Mirrors: Available on 400 Series models, these two rear view mirrors can be adjusted from within the cab and are heated to provide maximum visibility even in cool conditions.

Additional Lighting: Owners of 4895, 4995, A400, D450 and R450 Windrowers have the option to brighten their work on the field with high-intensity headlamps. Four additional work lights can be mounted to the back of the cab, illuminating the areas to the side and rear of the platform that would otherwise be left in the dark.

Engine Parts

Rear Air Screen Cover: Cutting dry and fluffy material can plug the rear air screen. This part pulls clean air in from above the windrower, where there is less debris. The air screen is available on all 400 models as well as the 4895, 4990 and 4995 Self-Propelled Windrowers.

Engine Fan Baffle: Available on W110 and W150 Windrowers, the baffle reduces windrow disturbance that can be a product of engine cooling fan blast.

Convenience Parts

Third Step Kit: For operators of D450, R450 and A400 Windrowers that need a little more assistance climbing up to the cab, John Deere offers a third step kit that can be mounted to the existing structure. The step is mounted with a rubber material to protect against uneven ground when cutting.

Receiver Hitch for Canola Roller: This roller can be attached to the rear of the windrower to allow it to pull a canola roller. Available on the D450, W110, W150, and W235 Windrower models.

Weight Box for Transport Less Platform: The weight box is required to allow transport without the platform attached box. It includes a hitch for towing slow speed transport behind W150 Windrowers.

Platform Parts

Dura-Cut™ Sickle Sections: This part is double heat-treated and made from double hard-chrome for strength and durability. It retains a sharp edge while providing up to 60 percent deeper serrations.

Rotary Knives: These knives have a greater resistance to bending, superior edge retention, and increased wear resistance, leading to less downtime and longer periods of time between maintenance.

Pressure Sensor Kit: This part if especially useful when operating in tough conditions as it gives operators an indication of capacity. This technology is compatible with the W150 only.

As you prepare for the next time you fire up your equipment, think about adding these John Deere windrower parts to enhance an already efficient machine.

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