Crop producers understand Mother Nature isn’t always going to cooperate. The task at hand can frequently be complicated due to adverse conditions such as excess rain, wind, etc. However, the W235, a member of the John Deere windrower family, was built with solutions to these problems in mind. The W235 Windrowers are self-propelled and help customers cut faster—maintaining crop quality due to its various features. Integrated AutoTrac systems can help deliver faster cutting speeds while maintaining crop quality. W235 Draper Windrowers are also JDLink enabled. This allows operators to stay connected to their dealers to ensure up-time.

John Deere W235 Windrower

John Deere W235 Features & Specs

Thanks to the inclusion of several features, the W235 Self-Propelled Windrower is ready to tackle even the toughest mowing or windrowing conditions with more power, comfort, and ease of operation. Let’s take a look at some of the features of the W235 that aim to simplify the windrowing process for producers.

Mechanical Enhancements

The W235 model, which comes in two configurations, a Draper and a Rotary, features a 6.8L Final Tier 4 engine with 235 horsepower. Compared to previous models, this is an increase of 17.5% in horsepower, giving that extra power for any conditions. Ground level filling and a 160-gallon tank also provide more than a full day of operating time between fill-ups, allowing for more time in the field.

AutoTrac and CommandCenter

The W235 comes with integrated AutoTrac technology, which allows the platform to engage crops at all times, leading to more productivity. AutoTrac provides more consistent windrows, longer operating hours, and less operator fatigue.

The CommandCenter display serves as the windrower’s information center, showcasing important header and diagnostic information, machine setting adjustments, and more. This allows the operator to get a visual look at important information to the windrowing process.

W235 with Windrow

Flexible Cab Options Provide Visibility and Comfort

Long days in the field can seem even longer with the absence of comfort. The W235 has several cab options to fit the needs of the operator, each providing supreme visibility to get a clear view of the task at hand.

The four cab options (Economy, Standard, Premium, and Ultimate) each come with JDLink, are AutoTrac ready, have a 12 percent light tinted window, automatic temperature control, interior rear-view mirror, and two halogen rear work lights.

A large, wide-angle front windshield and center of cab seat provide an unobstructed panoramic perspective from side-to-side and top-to-bottom. Custom shaped side windows along with narrow cab corner posts allow for 180-degrees of nearly uninterrupted visibility of the header in the field and on the road.

John Deere Windrower Cab

Final Thoughts

New features and designs of these models helps to simplify the windrowing process while reducing the amount of stress put on the operator.

If you have any questions on John Deere W235 or any of its features, contact your local John Deere dealer.

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