In Spring 2015, John Deere announced that it would be adding to its residential mowing lineup, including the John Deere X590 model to make the job easier for homeowners.

“We know weekends are precious,” said Kim Ridel, product marketing manager at John Deere, at the time of the announcement. “Whether you enjoy the time spent on your mower smelling the fresh-cut grass or you just need to get the mowing done, John Deere has the right mower for you.”

Let’s take a look at what comes with the John Deere X590 and how you could turn mowing into one of your favorite weekly tasks.

John Deere iTorque

The John Deere X590 includes the iTorque power system, which is a combination of engine features to provide superior lugging ability. Additionally, the hood design of the John Deere X590 is designed for even cooling and durability. The engine itself has 25.5 horsepower and a V-twin air-cooled system.

Electronic Fuel Infection

With EFI, the John Deere X590 has easy engine start-up and warm-up. It eliminates the need to use a choke, and EFI meters show the correct amount of fuel in each engine cylinder.

Quick Battery Recharging

You won’t be on the sidelines for long with the John Deere X590. It includes a flywheel alternator with 15-amp capacity for quick recharging. Furthermore, it is regulated to keep the battery at full charge and prevent over-charging.

Edge™ Xtra Deck

The Edge Xtra Deck on the John Deere X590 is 48 inches and uses three-spindle mowing technology. The system has wider anti-scalp wheels and 0.25-inch cut height increments for a precise cut every time. There is also a 54-inch option for those who want to handle a large volume of mowing.

Exact Adjust Ports

The John Deere X590 includes Exact Adjust ports, which are on each side of the operator platform. They provide convenient access and allow operators to quickly adjust the mower for the best cut.

Power Steering

Steering the John Deere X590 is a breeze, thanks to hydraulic power steering on the machine. It provides automotive-like control and significantly reduces operator fatigue. Users also have a tight turning radius for more maneuverability.

Durable Framing

You won’t have to worry about whether your mower can stand the test of time when you invest in the John Deere X590. This mower has a frame formed of welded steel, reinforced in critical areas for additional strength.

Innovative Styling

The John Deere X590 not only looks great, but its design is more efficient as well. Hot air is vented through the front grill, and its Xenoy molded-in color hood hides all scratches.

To learn more about the John Deere X590, speak to your local John Deere dealer for more information.

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