As the weather turns cool and your family looks for ways to have fun indoors, why not consider some crafts? There are several John Deere crafts that can keep kids occupied while bringing out their inner creativity.

Let’s take a look at five of these crafts that will make you forget about the chilly temperatures outside.

John Deere Classic Tractor Wood Toy Paint Set

This John Deere paint set comes with six different acrylic paints to choose from, allowing little ones to let their artistic talents shine. The tractor itself has moving wheels, meaning it can be played with after it fully dries. Additionally, the set comes with stickers to add extra flair to the tractor before it goes to work. Even adults can appreciate the creative options that come with this model tractor.

John Deere Tractor Paint Kit

The John Deere Tractor Paint Kit is suitable for kids aged 5 and older, and it comes with two separate paint brushes. Artists have a choice of John Deere green, yellow, brown, black white and blue paint to choose from.

John Deere Truck Paint Kit

This dump truck is a full eight inches in length, giving kids plenty of wood to paint. It also comes with six different paint colors and two paint brushes. Boys and girls can customize the truck to their liking with all of the options available to them.

John Deere Pig Paint Kit

Who says John Deere crafts can’t include a little livestock? The John Deere Pig Paint Kit allows budding artists to show off their creativity with six paint colors and two brushes. The pig itself has a slight smile that will bring joy to any little painter.

John Deere Barn Paint Kit

If you have children who’ve always wanted to help paint the barn, the John Deere Barn Paint Kit is just the toy for them. This wooden toy allows kids to paint their very own “barn” with three different acrylic paint colors – John Deere green, yellow and red. As a bonus, this one is suited for kids aged 3 and older.

Even if you have plenty of toys around the house, it doesn’t hurt to have a few John Deere crafts in your playroom as well. Giving your little one some creative options will ensure that they have something to turn to when they lose interest in their other toys.

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