While there aren’t any official John Deere Lego sets, as evidenced by the images below, there’s no shortage of John Deere Lego tractors and combines that have been created by Deere fanatics.

Ranging from complicated John Deere models with movable parts to simple John Deere lawn tractors formed with traditional Lego pieces, each of these creations required an affection for Deere products and a good deal of creativity.

john deere lego logo(source)


John Deere Tractors Lego(source)

john deere lego tractor(source)


john deere lego star wars(source)


john deere lego lawnmower(source)


john-deere lego-tractor(source)

john deere lawnmower lego(source)

John Deere Lego Mower(source)

John Deere Lego Bulldozer(source)

John Deere Lego Backhoe(source)

Deere Tractor Legos(source)

John Deere Lego Dealership(source)

Lego John Deere Combine(source)

Lego John Deere Lawnmower(source)

Lego John Deere Mower(source)

John Deere 4410 Lego(source)

Lego John Deere Tractor(source)

Have you ever created a John Deere Lego tractor or combine with your kids? We’d love to see it!

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