This has been a fun 2015 harvest season for me as I’ve been inundated with awesome pictures of classic John Deere combines still getting the job done out in the fields across America. Pics like the one below, a John Deere 55 that did 20 acres of western Minnesota fields on Saturday, November 14, 2015. What a great pic.

John Deere 55 Combine in Minnesota

Or this picture (below), sent to our Machinery Pete Facebook page by one of our followers, John H. from Carlisle, MN. His grandfather with his John Deere 45EB combine in the pic and John with his slightly newer John Deere 9870 STS combine:

New & Old John Deere Combines

Yesterday, we featured a gallery of modern Deere equipment in action. Here are a few more pics of vintage John Deere combines at work out in the fields this fall around the country:

Old & New John Deere combines at work in Colorado

The above photos show that classic John Deere combines were key players during harvest 2015 for crop producers in many parts of the country.

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