The weather in some parts of the country may allow for year-round golf, but for most of us, the unofficial start of the golf season occurs sometime around the annual Masters Tournament in Augusta, Ga. With March coming to a close and the Masters right around the corner, we figured it would be a good time to take a look at some John Deere golf parts that can help superintendents prep the course and gear up for another year of success.

John Deere Golf Equipment

While there are a number of tools, machines and accessories that can help get the job done, we’ve put together a short list of some parts you may want to consider adding to your John Deere golf equipment in 2016. Enjoy!

Hardened Low-Cut Bedknives

Conventional heat-treated knives are made of hardened tool steel with a Rockwell C hardness of 50. Deere’s bedknives have a Rockwell C hardness of 60, letting them last two to three times longer than conventional knives. The hardened low-cut knives are less aggressive than conventional knives, leaving grass plants with less signs of stress and a top-notch appearance.

Dew Whip Holder Kit

Early mornings typically result in dew gathering on fairways and greens. Attach this dew whip holder to your equipment to clear dew and secure the end of the whip to the front of the traction when not in use. The holder will keep the whip easily accessible for whenever it’s needed.

Direct-Mount Grass Catchers

Anybody who has cut grass knows clippings can be left behind, tarnishing the result of their work. Those tending to golf courses can attach a John Deere grass catcher system to their walking or riding greens mowers to reduce the amount of clippings left on the surface. The system is fixed on the same plane as the reel, allowing the contour to remain consistent with the reel and maximize the amount of grass that’s passed through to the catcher.

Precision Tine™ Series

Aerating fairways, greens, rough and tees can be a demanding process. With John Deere’s three categories of precision tines (Precision Standard™, Precision Plus™, Precision Ultra™), superintendents can be sure they’re aerating with precise core integrity and hole depth.

ProGator Tires

John Deere Gators are great pieces of equipment to get work done on the links. Attach any of the three ProGator tire options to your equipment to reduce damage to turf and increase performance during spraying or topdresser applications.

DT Rotary Turf Brush

This turf brush can be added to equipment to improve striping and cut quality on warm or cool season turf grasses. When the brush is set at the height of the cut, its helix design creates consistent engagement across the cutting width of the reel.

14 Blade Reel

A nicely rolling putting surface has the ability to turn a first-time visitor of your course into a lifetime customer. Use this blade reel to lower the frequency of clip and produce a smooth, clean cut that enhances the quality of the green.

Golfers aren’t the only ones that should be excited about the return of the peak golfing season. Superintendents and those that make a living keeping our courses crisp can add some of these John Deere golf parts to their turf equipment to make the job even more enjoyable.

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