As soon as spring rolls around and the weather begins to improve, utility tractor owners are quick to power up their equipment and prepare to take on a wide variety of chores and projects. But while these pieces of equipment offer several benefits on their own, they become even more versatile with the help of attachments. For example, large-property owners and commercial contractors looking to take on digging projects may want to consider adding a John Deere 48 Backhoe to their fleet, as it’s designed to provide easy and convenient operation, top-notch digging force and depth, and excellent productivity.

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John Deere 48 Backhoe: Features & Specs

As is the case with any piece of John Deere equipment, the 48 Backhoe attachment features several specifications that all work together to ensure maximum productivity. Let’s take a closer look at the features that make this attachment a top choice for utility tractor operators.

Operator Station

The backhoe’s walk-through operator’s area and large footrest make it easy to get on and off while improving comfort. A perforated floor design keeps the area clean as dirt and debris drop through, and the console’s low-profile design makes it easy to view the entire digging area. Two levers are located on the console to control the bucket, swing dipperstick, and boom lift. What’s more, the backhoe’s seat can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically, allowing operators to select a position that’s right for them.


The 48 Backhoe’s Quik-Tatch mounting bar quickly and easily mounts to 5 Series tractors. The mount’s design limits movement (vertically and side-to-side) that can sometimes be found in 3-point hitch mounts for backhoes. The mount also protects the chassis of the tractor by tying the backhoe and tractor together as one.

Boom and Dipper

The enclosed boom and dipper design provides added strength so operators can easily handle large loads that might be placed on the backhoes.

Bushings and Lock Pins

The 48 Backhoe comes with replaceable and greaseable bushings for key pivot points that are designed to increase longevity. Double-lock pins ensure the equipment maintains anti-pin rotation at key points, as well.

Stabilizer Pads

Flip-over stabilizer pads are made from cast ductile iron and allow operators to quickly and easily convert between street and field usage. The pads pivot to follow the terrain.


There’s a variety of bucket options available to fit a multitude of jobs. The 48 Backhoe can be equipped with 12-in., 18-in., 24-in., and 36-in. buckets, as well as heavy-duty bucket options that are available on the 49 Backhoe.

Tractor Compatibility

The John Deere 48 Backhoe is compatible with the following tractor models:

For more information on the John Deere 48 Backhoe or other attachments, contact your local John Deere dealer.

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