John Deere has a number of different loader attachments available that are all designed to take productivity up a few levels. However, not all John Deere loader models are a universal match for all tractor models.

John Deere H260 Loader

With this in mind, we’ve put together an outline of popular John Deere tractor families and the current loader models that attach to each.

1 Family Tractors

This tractor family is designed to help property owners become better gardeners, fence builders, lawn seeders, and much more. Here are a couple current John Deere loader options that can be added to the equipment:

  • D120
  • H120

2 Family Tractors

John Deere’s 2 Family hosts a number of features that may not be expected from tractors of their size, including power steering and four-wheel drive. Adding the following loader models could make life around the property a bit simpler:

  • H130
  • 220R

3 Family Tractors

The 3 Family is designed to provide operators with a machine that can get around in tight spaces without sacrificing power. Adding any of the below loader models can make tasks like working on a gravel pile to grooming an arena easier:

  • D160
  • H160
  • H165

4 Family Tractors

Ranging from 44 to 66 horsepower, the 4 Family is dependable and powerful, making them a great addition to a farm, recreational property, or municipal fleet. Here are some loaders that can be attached to 4 Family models:

  • H165
  • D170
  • H180 NSL
  • H180 MSL

5 Family Tractors

The 5 Family is ideal for loader work, snow removal, and rotary cutting, regardless of the working conditions. Add any of these loaders to your machine to boost productivity:

  • 512 NSL
  • H240 NSL
  • H240 MSL
  • H260 NSL
  • H260 MSL
  • H310 NSL

6 Family Tractors

From pulling planters and drills to moving large heavy hay bales, the 6 Family is designed with the power and comfort features needed to get the job done. Here are the loader options that owners can choose from:

  • H260 NSL
  • H260 MSL
  • H310 NSL
  • H310 MSL
  • 620R NSL
  • 620R MSL
  • 640R NSL
  • 640R MSL
  • H360 NSL
  • H360 MSL
  • H380

7 and 8 Family Tractors

John Deere’s 7 and 8 Family Tractors are designed with ample power packed into nimble frames for long days of production. The H480 can be added to these tractors to get even more accomplished throughout the day.

Contact your local John Deere dealer for more information about John Deere loader options and their compatibility with various tractor families.

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