From planning through harvest, John Deere offers precision ag products that can help producers better manage every stage of the farming cycle. These precision ag products are compatible with tractors, sprayers, combines, planters, and much more to give agricultural production a boost and increase efficiency

The Four Stage of the Farming Cycle

In this post, we’ll take a look at each step of the farming cycle and break down the John Deere precision ag products that are best suited for each phase of the farming cycle.

Precision Ag Products for Field Preparation

When preparing your field for crop production, the end goal of the field preparation stage of the farming cycle is to both maximize and increase yield. To do so, you should take the necessary measures to prepare an optimal seedbed, including managing weeds and residue. Next, you’ll want to ensure you’re minimizing fuel costs and overlap with fewer passes so there’s more time to cover acreage. Lastly, you will need the ability to analyze results and benefits from the insights for greater overall consistency.

When preparing your field, think about utilizing the following John Deere precision ag products:

Precision Ag Products for Planting and Seeding

When the planting season of the farming cycle comes around, you’ll want to achieve the optimal depth and spacing to realize consistent emergence. And of course, you’ll want to save money and time so you can get the job done in the appropriate timeframe. Lastly, you will want to be able to configure your machines for execution simply and easily to reduce fatigue from long days on the field.

The following John Deere precision ag products can help you through planting and seeding:


Precision Ag Products for Crop Care

After the seedbed has been prepared and the crops have been planted, the next step in the farming cycle is to nurture your resources with proper crop care practices. It’s critical that you apply the right nutrients at the right time, at an appropriate rate, and with the correct placement. Following these steps will lead to a healthy crop and limited damage. Additionally, like most other projects, you will also want to be able to maximize uptime, minimize fatigue, and grant operators access to data when they need it most.

Think about utilizing the following John Deere precision ag products when caring for your crops:

Precision Ag Products for Harvesting

The farming cycle concludes with harvesting. This is the time when all your hard work is realized and you aim to minimize crop losses and preserve grain quality. John Deere precision ag products can help you manage logistics and maximize throughput while providing all the information needed to inspire next year’s decisions.

Here’s a list of some John Deere precision ag products that can assist you with the harvesting stage of the farming cycle:

Frequently-Asked Questions About the Farming Cycle and John Deere Precision Ag Products

Got questions about John Deere precision ag products and how they can assist you with every part of your farming cycle? Look no further – we’ve got answers! Below we’ll cover a few of the most frequently asked questions about how the farming cycle works and the role John Deere precision ag products play in it to increase productivity and maximize efficiency. 

Is Farming a Cycle? 

In a word, yes! The farming cycle is the process farmers go through every year, from field preparation to planting to harvesting and everything in between, to ensure a healthy and fruitful crop. 

What is Precision Agriculture Equipment?

Precision agriculture equipment is typically software or electronic equipment used on agriculture machinery in the field and connected to some kind of internal database in order to process the information gathered. This information can come from GPS systems, moisture sensors, constituent sensors, and a variety of other sources and is aggregated and analyzed by a central program to determine crop health and yield, among other things. This data can also be used to make important decisions about the next step in the farming cycle for agricultural producers. 

What Year Did John Deere Introduce Precision Ag?

John Deere first began introducing precision ag products into its product lineup in 1996, with the launch of the GreenStar Precision Farming System. 

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Final Thoughts

The meticulous care needed for a successful farming cycle and the effort put in by the world’s farmers should never be overlooked. This list of Deere precision ag products will help you manage your farming cycle and realize a fruitful harvest year after year, more easily and efficiently than ever before.

For more information relating to John Deere precision ag products, contact your local John Deere dealer.

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