What is a Middle Buster?

A middle buster is an implement that connects to a hitch on the back of a tractor, primarily used to create furrows in areas of vegetation.

John Deere Middle Buster

What is a Middle Buster Used For?

Besides digging furrows for vegetables, middle busters can also be great tools for harvesting root vegetables like potatoes. To harvest potatoes with a middle buster, just run the implement deep through the area where you’ve grown potatoes, and they’ll pop right up to the surface to be collected.

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Here are a few steps to take if you’re looking to build a large vegetable garden with start-to-finish assistance from a middle buster:

  1. Match the Middle Buster with a Tractor
  2. Dig a Furrow
  3. Drive the Middle Buster over the Vegetation

1. Match the Middle Buster with a Tractor

A Frontier middle buster is a great option for John Deere tractor operators. These implements are compatible with Category 1, 3-point hitches. Frontier middle busters perform best when they are powered by a tractor with a horsepower range between 25 and 45.

2. Dig a Furrow

After the tillage process is completed, use the middle buster to dig a furrow (up to 12 inches deep). Then, plant the vegetables (potatoes for example) about 4 inches deep into the soil. Cover the vegetables with soil once they’re in the ground and use a row hipper to build up the hills as the stems grow.

3. Drive the Middle Buster over the Vegetation

When the vegetables are ripe and ready to be harvested, it’s time to run the middle buster through the soil. Simply run the tractor across the garden while towing the middle buster and any root vegetables that were planted will pop right up to the surface effortlessly.

Always be sure to refer to your equipment’s Operator’s Manual before you take on a task. If you’re looking to purchase a middle buster, or have any other questions, contact your local John Deere dealer. Visit this page for more information about middle busters.

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