American country music is something very familiar to us. It’s something we listen to on the farm, in our cars, and around the house. It’s something that brings our spirits up. But, why? Where exactly did this beloved tradition come from? There is quite a rich history behind American country music and connection to the land.

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In this post, you will learn more about the origin of American country music in a series of videos. You may be surprised about its deep connection to our land – likely one of the many reasons it’s part of the farming traditions we see today.

The Crooked Road

The best place to start is probably The Crooked Road. This is “a place of beauty and a place of song” where people can go to experience how country music is woven into traditions in Southwest Virginia. When thinking about the variety of music the word amazing comes to mind, including everything from old-time string bands to blues, gospel, bluegrass and much more.

What Is the Crooked Road? The Crooked Road (Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail) is a 330-mile driving trail that runs through the mountains of southwest Virginia. This beautiful road connects visitors with nine major venues and more than 60 affiliated venues and festivals with something new and exciting to enjoy every day. Founded in 2004, this non-profit helps empower the area while promotion the rich history of traditional music.

American Country Music & Its Connection to the Land

Today, The Crooked Road has grown from an idea to a community of nineteen counties, four cities, more than 50 towns, five regional planning districts, two tourism organizations, and a wide variety of music venues. To help give you a better idea of its impact on American country music; we’ve compiled the videos below. Enjoy!

The Crooked Road: Introduction

The Crooked Road is certainly a journey. In this video, you’ll learn that some people are far less familiar with the farming culture and the traditional music that is so deeply integrated in it.

The Crooked Road: Episode 1

There are many different geographies and ethnic influences that come together to shape truly unique musical styles. It’s interesting to learn how The Crooked Road takes traditional music and shows it off to the world. In the video above, you’ll have a chance to see for yourself.

The Crooked Road: Episode 2

Have you ever heard about a place where people bring their different kinds of music and backgrounds to connect the land? In the video above, you’ll learn about this distinctive culture and its connection to the past.

Final Thoughts

We hope this post provided you with a better understanding of where country music all started. If you’re interested in learning more or experiencing it for yourself, we highly recommend visiting The Crooked Road. Now, the next time you’re on the farm listening to your favorite country song, you’ll know just how it got there.

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