If you’re going to be spending some time outdoors, you’ll want a John Deere cooler to help you keep your belongings chilled under the sun. Whether you have electronics or beverages that you want to shield from the warmth, a John Deere cooler is the perfect solution.

Let’s take a look at some coolers you may want to consider for your everyday needs.

22 Quart Lit Cooler

John Deere 22 Quart Lit Cooler

The 22 Quart Lit Cooler from John Deere comes with either the Deere construction logo or agriculture logo. With its deep inset, it’s equipped to handle tall bottles, and its heavy duty rotational construction makes it durable and efficient. It has built-in anchor points, and it is 100 percent waterproof. Its 2.5-inch thick lid and rubber seal keep stored belongings cool, even in warm temperatures. Similar to the other Deere coolers, this model also has the Night-Sight LED liner for use after dark.

32 Quart Lit Cooler

32 Quart Lit John Deere Cooler

The 32 Quart Lit Cooler from John Deere has a deep inset for tall standing bottles. It also features heavy duty rotational construction and built-in anchor points. Similar to other John Deere coolers, this product has a 2.5-inch thick lid and a rubber seal for keeping items cool. It’s 100 percent waterproof and has oversized rubber feet for greater ground clearance. With its Night-Sight LED liner, it’s easy to use the cooler in the evening hours as well. The 32 Quart Lit Cooler comes with either the John Deere agriculture logo or construction logo.

52 Quart Lit Cooler

John Deere 52 Quart Lit Cooler

The 52 Quart Lit Cooler from John Deere comes with either the Deere agriculture logo or construction logo to show off your brand pride. Its insert makes it the deepest cooler in its class, meaning most wine bottles can stand upright while in tow. The cooler also has heavy duty rotational construction, and built-in anchor points. Its 2.5-inch thick lid and rubber seal keeps belongings cool, even in the warmest conditions. The Night-Sight LED liner makes the cooler usable after dark for even more convenience.

Black Pocket Can Holder

John Deere Black Pocket Can Holder

This can holder from John Deere can ensure that your beverages stay cool when they’re in your hands as well. The coolie also folds flat when it’s not in use to save space in the cooler.

John Deere Camo Can Jersey Coolie

John Deere Camo Coolie

This coolie is designed to look like a John Deere Realtree Hardwoods Camo Jersey for a fun effect. It’s made of a 1/8-inch thick high-density open-cell scuba foam for maximum insulation.

If you have any questions about John Deere products, contact your local John Deere dealer.

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