Are you looking for a harvester with an efficient front end that ensures a smooth uniform feed, while reducing cane losses and soil content? If so, the John Deere CH570 might be a good fit for you. It’s built with the latest cab technology and comfort features for even the longest days on the job.

John Deere CH570

This video walks the operator through the newest technology additions and the features available within the CH570 CommandCenter™. However, the features and advantages on this harvester are nearly endless. From parallel-linkage crop dividers, which minimize cane loss, to its self-cleaning cooling package extending operating time – it seems there’s nothing this machine cannot do.

CH570 Display Features and Navigation

The “return to cut” feature isn’t new on the CH570, but if you are looking to enhance your experience, this video will help you to do just that. To enable return to cut on the machine, there are a few steps that must be taken for the most precise cut. Your actual height, target height, and cut height are all different measurements that need to be taken into account and this feature makes that a seamless process.

CH570 Return to Cut Feature Setup and Adjustment

Height control is key in a successful sugar cane harvester. From target height to cut height, the John Deere-exclusive floating crop divider and contour base cutter height-control technology doesn’t just reduce soil content but also reduces your cane loss while in action. The extra-large, straight feed roller path on the CH570 also aids in reducing cane breakage as the hydrostatic base cutter and chopper maximize efficiency and performance

CH570 Contour Basecutter Height Control Setup and Adjustment

Ever dreamed of having high-reach topper options for every condition when harvesting your sugar cane? Dream no more!  H.A.M., also known as Deere’s harvester activity monitor, can and will monitor all harvesting activities to improve operations while in the field. The efficient front end enables a smooth uniform feed, providing you with the most sugar cane and best soil conditions.

If you are looking for the perfect machine for harvesting sugar cane while reducing cane damage and increasing productivity at the same time as being comfortable and surrounded by the newest technology, the CH570 could be the perfect fit for you.

For more information about the CH570 or other harvesting equipment, contact your local John Deere dealer.

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