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The old saying, “oil is oil,” is simply not the case today with new hydraulic fluid specifications from John Deere that promise performance for forestry and construction equipment for years to come. 

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of the new John Deere Hydrau™ and Hydrau™ XR formula.

Hydrau and Hydrau XR Educational Video

The John Deere Hydrau and Hydrau XR (extended ambient temperature range) formulas are specifically designed for all-season use in hydraulic and hydrostatic construction and forestry equipment. Both formulas have over 29,000 hours of field testing to ensure that they outperform other oils by resisting oxidation and wear.

John Deere customers expressed a need for fluid that would work in extremely cold weather. Using this feedback, John Deere’s engineers created two formulas to address the need. The main difference between Hydrau and Hydrau XR is the temperature range they’re engineered for. John Deere Hydrau is made for –25 deg. C to +50 deg. C (–13 deg. F to +122 deg. F). Hydrau XR is made for -40 deg. C (-40 deg. F) to +40 deg. C (104 deg. F ). Each formulas performance is tailored to the specifications of the atmosphere they’ll be operating in.

Forestry and construction customers rely on John Deere Hydrau due to the performance benefits the formulas include such as the superior ISO viscosity grade, rust and corrosion prevention, and anti-foam and better air-release properties. Customers using the fluid in their John Deere construction and forestry equipment measure its performance by their equipment uptime and productivity. Work shouldn’t have to stop because machinery can’t keep up with the cold. John Deere Hydrau keeps up with the temperature so the operator doesn’t have to worry.

If you have any questions on John Deere Hydrau or Hydrau XR, contact your local John Deere dealer.

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