There are various hitch settings available on John Deere tractors. Understanding the different settings is essential to making the most of your tractor and getting the job done in a safe, efficient manner. Let’s take a look at the four hitch settings and how they operate to gain a better overview of their purposes.

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Hitch Settings and Operation

  • Position Mode. Position mode lowers the hitch to a set position and keeps it at that position, regardless of draft loads. To activate this mode, navigate to the hitch page in the Operations Center by depressing the hitch button on the navigation bar. Change both load depth and slip sensitivity settings to zero. From here, you can adjust the hitch position using either the hitch control lever or depth adjust dial. Depress the set button to save the hitch depth’s set position.
  • Draft Control. Draft Control automatically lowers and raises the implement in rolling terrain to keep draft loads or implement loads consistent. To activate Draft Control mode, first adjust the slope depth setting to somewhere between 1 and 5 – the help page in the Operations Center will provide suggestions for different types of implements. Lower the implement into the ground using the hitch control lever or depth adjust dial to achieve your desired depth. While traveling at your desired depth and ground speed, depress the hitch button – this records the hitch depth set position.
  • Draft Control with Slip Sensitivity. Draft Control with Slip Sensitivity requires low depth to be activated and a functional ground radar. Without one or both, slip sensitivity will be unavailable or grayed out on the display monitor. The implement will be raised if wheel slip is increased above your desired setting. It is then lowered back to the set position once wheel slip has decreased. Slip sensitivity can be deactivated by changing slip sensitivity settings to zero.
  • Float Mode. Float mode is intended to be used with implements that are self-supporting with gauge wheels. It allows the hitch to raise and lower with minimal resistance to allow the implement to follow the contour of the ground. To activate float mode, press the hitch control lever full forward, then downward, locking it into the float position.

If you have any questions about hitch settings or John Deere tractors, you can contact your local John Deere dealer.

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