Track alignment is something that all John Deere S700 combine owners need to concern themselves with as soon as they purchase the equipment. Proper track alignment is not only necessary to ensure that the piece operates efficiently but to maximize the lifespan of the machine in its entirety.

Track alignment is also required to reduce the wear of the track belt drive lugs. The adjustment procedure consists of verifying the drive lug temperature and movement. Let’s take a look at the tips you can take into account to prep your John Deere S700 combine for track alignment.

  • Try your best to wait to make adjustments until the weather is cooperative – a dry day is best. Working on straight, flat, paved roads will also provide the most accurate results.
  • Record the temperature values and any alignment bolt adjustments made for each run on the track alignment table located in the installation instructions. Before taking any temperature readings, follow the measuring tool instructions to be sure that the temperature measurement is taken at a correct distance from the drive lug surface.
  • Always wear protective gloves while working, and allow components enough time to cool before touching them.
  • Note that the temperature measurement must be performed within five minutes after stopping the machine – if two measurements differ by more than five degrees, take a third measurement from a different drive lug for a better average.
  • Drive lug temperature measurements should be taken on the front of the track unit. These drive lugs are located above the front bogie wheel and just in front of the drive sprocket. Each measurement should be taken within the center of the drive lug.
  • If the difference between the inside of the lug and the outside of the lug is less than 36 degrees Fahrenheit, the track is within the target temperature range. You can run the machine another three to four miles at road transport speeds for verification. If the difference between the inside of the lug and the outside of the lug is greater than 36 degrees Fahrenheit, an adjustment will be needed.
  • Stop all operation if the temperature reading is above 212 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent damage, and allow components to cool for one hour.
  • To relieve tension on the track belts, a hydraulic service hose must be used. A hydraulic pressure gauge must be installed on the hose before it is utilized. Remove the dust cap from the Quick Connect fitting, and attach the service hose.
  • Once the hose has been installed, reconnect the wiring harness. Slowly open the service hose valve to relieve pressure. After the pressure is relieved, alignment adjustments can be made.

If you have any questions about the John Deere S700 combines, you can contact your local John Deere dealer.

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