With John Deere Hydraulic MulchControl, mower users can now switch between discharging and mulching, giving them more versatility out in the yard. The MulchControl Kit also comes with a set of blades designed for bagging, making cleanup a breeze. But how do customers install Hydraulic MulchControl? Here are some tips for integrating the system into an X700 Signature Series Mower.

  • Park the mower safely on flat ground, with the engine off, key removed, deck down, and parking brake set. Close the fuel shutoff valve.
  • Take the Hydraulic MulchControl kit out of the box and lay out all of the pieces and parts.
  • Place the mower deck in a position where you can easily access both sides of the deck.
  • Start by removing the lock nut washer and spring. Then, remove the handle assembly by removing the lock nut from baffle bolt and detent plate. Retain the detent plate and hardware for future use.
  • Next, install the mounting bracket to the mower deck with the lock nut, carriage bolt, and M8 lock nut. Tighten the lug nuts to spec as outlined in the operator’s manual.
  • Install the pivot arm to the mulch gate shaft. Make sure the pivot arm is fully seated, bottoms out, on the shaft.
  • Install the bolt, two washers, and lock nut. Tighten the lock nuts to spec.
  • Install the bushing, washer and lock nut. Tighten the lock nuts to eliminate any looseness from assembly.
  • Next, remove and retain the spring locking pin. Install the actuator rod to the spring pivot arm, then insert the spring locking pin back into the actuator rod. Install the spring over both bushings.
  • Before installing the deck, move the hydraulic lines toward the center of the deck and install both ramps on top of the deck.
  • Reinstall the mower deck. Disconnect the spark plug wires on a gas engine or disconnect the battery on a diesel engine. Install the hose connections to the control valve on the tractor, ensuring that the hoses are matched green-to-green and black-to-black.
  • Keep the rubber cap plugs clean while the hoses are installed to the control valve. Be sure to make the valve cap plug to the host cap plug.
  • Connect the negative battery cable or install the spark plug wires.
  • Start the engine to open the mulch gate. Push the lower handle forward to close the mulch gate.
  • Pull the lower handle backward. Make sure you do not push the lower handle too far forward or it will go into float position and the mulch gate will not open all the way.
  • Make sure the deflector gage is free to rotate open and closed.

This technology is only compatible with certain mower decks. If you have any questions about Hydraulic MulchControl or the X700 Signature Series Mower, you can contact your local John Deere dealer.

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