To cater to large-scale producers, John Deere has announced that it is adding two new models of X Series Combines to its 2021 harvesting lineup. The X9 1000 and X9 1100 Combines are both designed to thresh, separate, and clean more bushels per hour in tough conditions. In turn, this means less downtime and a boost in productivity for operators out in the field. Now, farmers are sharing their firsthand accounts of what it’s like to have the new X Series Combines and front-end equipment at their disposal.

Addressing the Challenges and Needs of Farmers

“When we buy a combine, we’re looking for quality, durability, fuel efficiency, [and] horsepower,” said producer Logan Holst of LeClaire, IA.

Luke Smith of Rochester, IN explained that grain loss is a key challenge that producers need to take into account when they’re on the farm. When he’s forced to use machinery that doesn’t adequately capture the grain, he has little to sell at the end of the day.

However, these types of challenges aren’t just limited to grain producers. Soybean producers, like Steve Pitstick of Maple Park, IL, confront similar obstacles on the job each day. Getting the soybeans out in a timely manner is one of the biggest problems for Pitstick, who claims that having a shorter window to produce higher yields has been painstaking.

Exploring the Benefits of the X Series Combines

With input from its customers in mind, John Deere has rolled out the new X Series Combines to address their top challenges.

“[There are] a lot of nice things on the combine,” said Brad Heidt of Kerrobert, SK, upon trying out one of the machines firsthand.

Jay Drozd of Allegan, MI credited Deere for producing a “smooth-running machine” that is not only adaptable but comfortable to operate on even the longest workdays. He also noted that unloading material is a breeze, and the visibility from the cab is unparalleled.

Finally, most of the producers who tried the X Series Combines were impressed by the bushels per hour that the machinery was able to tackle. Ultimately, this meant more productivity throughout the workday. Expectations were exceeded on every end, highlighting all of the reasons why customers should consider an X Series Combine for the task at hand.

If you have any questions about the new X Series Combines, you can contact your local John Deere dealer.

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