To provide further support to its customers, John Deere has rolled out a new service program for its equipment: The John Deere Protect™ Service Plan, also known as John Deere Protect. Under this plan, required maintenance is performed at every 500-hour mark by a dealer service technician. This means that customers can worry less about the risk of long-term ownership, giving them peace of mind.

“Our customers are balancing numerous things every day, from managing operators to looking ahead at projections to ensure the long-term success of their business. Through the John Deere Protect program, we’re enabling customers to shift the worry of scheduled maintenance to trusted and experienced dealer technicians,” said Mark Wagner, Manager, Service Business, John Deere Construction and Forestry Division. “The John Deere Protect program adds a layer of certainty and predictability with machine costs and downtime, giving owners the room to focus on other aspects of their business.”

Let’s take a look at all of the benefits of John Deere Protect and how it can potentially help you maintain your equipment over time.

Construction Equipment Support

This plan was originally rolled out for agricultural equipment. However, it now applies to construction equipment to reduce the cost of machine ownership over time. Whether you have a crawler loader or a backhoe, you can rest assured that your machinery will always be in working order with John Deere Protect.

Longer Lifespan 

Because machines are regularly maintained, operators don’t have to worry about missing something while conducting their own routine checkups on their equipment. A Deere technician will ensure that everything is working properly before he or she allows the machine to go back to work, providing relief to the customer.


Under John Deere Protect, machines are always under the watchful eye of a Deere expert. However, JDLink™ Telematics allows dealers to truly monitor for hang-ups from afar. Machine status and productivity are just some of the qualities they can see via JDLink. Ultimately, this gives them the opportunity to identify issues before they result in the need for costly repairs. This means less downtime for the customer and less of an impact on his or her bottom line.

If you have any questions about John Deere service plans, you can contact your local John Deere dealer.

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