As the largest commercial landscaping company in the U.S., Brightview Landscape Development understands how important it is to stay up and running. Because of this, the company is constantly making adjustments to reduce downtime and ensure that it is exceeding customer expectations. To get the job done, Brightview Landscape Development relies on John Deere and its equipment offerings.

Staying Fully Equipped

Zach Day, general superintendent of Brightview Landscape Development, says that while the company dabbles in residential tasks, it primarily focuses on commercial landscaping.

“For the most part, we stick to the commercial, the big commercial, the hard stuff,” Day explains. “There’s not a lot of large commercial landscapers in the Metroplex that can do the size, scope, or projects that we can accomplish.”

In Dallas, for example, Brightview Landscape Development has 126 full-time employees, including 28 foremen in the field. Day says that the crew has upwards of 60 John Deere compact machines to help the company tackle its various job sites.

“We don’t try to chase the easy stuff, we like the hard ones,” Day says.

Making the Most of Deere Equipment

Day specified that the “meat and potatoes” of Brightview Landscape Development is its John Deere skid steers and mini excavators. He noted that the company has more of those machines than any others.

“We love the compact excavators,” said Day. “They are strong. They are reliable. Just the variety of things that you can do with the different bucket sizes. The availability of attachments [makes] it a very good universal tool.”

He added that the new compact loaders from Deere can get the job done daily without the need for a second machine for support. Best of all, Brightview Landscape Development has a strong relationship with RDO, its Deere dealer. This makes it simple to carry out repairs as needed.

“Our focus is our guys out in the field, making sure they have what they need [and] they’re happy,” says Day. “How we take care of them really makes a big difference.”

Deere Compact Excavators and Loaders

John Deere’s compact excavator models are all equipped with a mechanical quick-coupler and auxiliary hydraulics. They can all pair with Deere’s mini excavator attachments for additional versatility and productivity out in the field. Best of all, they have maximum digging reaches upwards of 20 feet, meaning moving earth is not a challenge for machine operators.

Deere’s compact track loaders have a vertical-lift design that is conducive to quick and easy loading. They have operating capacities up to 3,700 pounds and make it simple to work in tight spaces. Everything from mulch to rocks can be easily moved with a compact track loader, largely due to the fact that there are more than 100 attachment models that can be utilized with these machines. Grapples, forks, and buckets are all options with these pieces of equipment from Deere.

All John Deere machines come with a two-year/2,000-hour full-machine standard warranty. This means that the company will fix any defects for two years after delivery or 2,000 hours.

If you have any questions about John Deere landscaping or construction equipment, you can contact your local John Deere dealer.

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