When companies need equipment to tackle a wide range of tasks for their clients, they know they can turn to John Deere for reliability and productivity. This is exactly what B&S Site Development did, and the business owners have never looked back.

B&S Site Development provides site-preparation services, including dirt work, concrete, wet utilities, and paving to its customers. The company initially began in the residential sector, but eventually moved into the commercial industry as new opportunities sprung up. The business, which is situated in Bristow, Virginia, saw a boom in demand. The area itself has grown dramatically since the 1980s and has become a home for many companies’ world headquarters.

“In the last three years, we’ve really had to scale up our crews to handle bigger and bigger jobs, which are typically 20 to 80 acres,” said co-founder Tommy Settle. “Many of the projects have very aggressive schedules, and our ability to get it done has established our reputation in the marketplace.”

Along with his partner, Mike Brown, Settle knew that B&S Site Development would need the right equipment to stand up to the challenge of growing demand. This is when John Deere came into the picture.

Trial and Error

Originally, B&S Site Development tried a wide array of construction equipment from different companies before ultimately choosing to work with Deere in 2007.

“We’ve tried many different manufacturers, but Deere is very productive and reliable, and we get excellent support from our local dealer, James River Equipment,” said Brown.

B&S Site Development now has a service contract with James River to handle all preventative maintenance and repairs for its fleet of over 50 John Deere machines.

“It’s hard to find good mechanics these days to work on the new machines,” said Settle. “Having James River manage service really helps us focus on what we’re good at.”

B&S Site Development primarily relies on its 755K Crawler Loader, 750K Dozers, and 310E Articulated Dump Trucks. They work in tandem, carving out parking lots and foundations during site preparation. At the end of each day, a James River service technician arrives on-site to perform scheduled maintenance on the machines.

“We consider James River and John Deere our partners in what we are trying to accomplish,” said Settle. “We’ve always had very good luck with the equipment. There have been no major issues, and they are low maintenance. And if an issue does arise, James River is a phone call away.”

If you have any questions about how John Deere equipment can potentially help your business, you can contact your local John Deere dealer.

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