John Deere has offered several tractors in the 20th century, constantly improving older models to remain ahead of the competition. This innovative approach led to the creation of machines like the John Deere Model B tractor, a staple in the industry for many years and an iconic piece of agricultural equipment for many fans of the brand.

John Deere Model B - Vintage John Deere

What is the John Deere Model B Tractor?

The John Deere B tractor was initially introduced as a smaller tractor to help farmers with row-crop operations. This machine provided these Americans with a tractor smaller than the Model A, and the increased mobility and speed offered by the smaller equipment helped simplify many farmers’ jobs.

According to Retired Tractors, these machines are still top-rated, and each model has been linked to a specific alteration that helps to set it apart. The 1935 version of the B is known as the “Brass Tag” model due to the material that composed the serial plate.

What Years Did John Deere Make the Model B Tractor?

The model, which was released in three different versions, had a nearly 20-year production run. According to Tractor Data, the original B is often dubbed the “unstyled” model, which includes all tractors built through 1938.

In 1939, the company released tractor number 60000, known as the “early styled” model B. This was followed by the release of tractor number 201000, also dubbed the “late styled” model B.

The tractor evolved over the years, and more than 200,000 of the tractor models were built, with each version remaining popular for significant periods. The prevalence of this used farm equipment among modern farmers and collectors shows the quality and practical nature of the John Deere B tractor.

What is the Difference Between the John Deere Model A and B?

The John Deere Model A and B tractors differ mainly in size and capabilities. The Model B is smaller and cheaper for smaller farms and light work. On the other hand, the Model A is bigger and stronger, built for heavier tasks. The Model A was produced longer and had more successors than the Model B, as well as it is generally better for larger farms and tougher jobs, while the Model B is great for smaller operations.

What was the John Deere B Used For?

The John Deere Model B was a handy tractor that farmers used for all sorts of farm jobs. It could pull a two-bottom plow, cultivate crops like corn and soybeans, power equipment like a mounted corn picker, or run a corn sheller off the belt drive. Its four-gear forward design made it efficient for different tasks on the farm. 

How Fast is a John Deere B?

The speed of a John Deere B can change based on factors like gear, tire size, and engine specs. Usually, it can go up to 12.25 mph in 6th gear with 10-38 tires at the right RPM. The speed might be different if you’ve changed the tractor. That said, following the manufacturer’s guidelines is important to determine how fast your B tractor can go.

What Are the Key Features of the John Deere Model B?

The various tractor models, which quickly became fan favorites, are all medium-sized and have the same innovative technologies and craftsmanship. The Model B came with steel wheels, four forward speeds, one reverse, a belt pulley, and a Power Take-off (PTO) system. A hydraulic power lift and rubber tires for the machine’s front and back were also available.

What Are the Key Specs of the John Deere Model B?

With a powerful engine, durable construction, and user-friendly design, the Model B tractor is popular among farmers and collectors. Let’s explore the key specifications that make the Model B stand out from the rest.


  • John Deere 3.1L 2-cyl gasoline
  • John Deere 3.1L 2-cyl all fuel
  • Fuel tank – 12 gal; 45.4 L
  • Aux. fuel – 2 gal 7.6 L


  • Drawbar (claimed) – 25 hp; 18.6 kW
  • Belt (claimed) – 28 hp; 20.9 kW
  • Plows – 2
  • Drawbar (tested) – 24.62 hp; 18.4 kW
  • Belt (tested) – 27.58 hp; 20.6 kW


  • Two-wheel drive
  • Manual steering
  • Differential mechanical expanding shoe brakes
  • Open operator station with padded seat

Power Take-off (PTO)

  • Rear PTO – transmission
  • Rear RPM – 540 (1.375)

Dimensions & Tires

  • Weight – 4300 lbs; 1950 kg
  • Front tire – 5.50×16
  • Rear tire – 10.00×38

B Serial Numbers

  • 1947 – 201000
  • 1948 – 209295
  • 1949 – 230044
  • 1950 – 253025
  • 1951 – 275242
  • 1952  – 293030
  • Final – 310772

Take a Ride Back in Time with John Deere Model B Tractor

Step back in time and experience farming nostalgia with the iconic John Deere Model B tractor. This classic piece of machinery has stood the test of time and continues to captivate both young and old with its historic charm. Take a ride on this vintage tractor and immerse yourself in the rich history of agriculture.

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