When your company is all about pushing the boundaries to ensure customers have a memorable experience, you know the importance of investing in the right tools to accomplish your goal. This is why Jason Baker, owner of Dream Traxx, invested in John Deere machinery to help him take his business to the next level. Baker takes his job of creating motocross tracks seriously, which is why he knew he needed equipment like the 333G SmartGrade CTL to deliver.

Carving Out the Perfect Motocross Course

Dream Traxx, which Baker has been committed to full-time since 2003, was tapped to create the motocross course for the Red Bull Imagination 2021 competition. When presented with the task, Baker knew that he and his workers needed to not only deliver, but impress.

“Everyone in my sport wants to take it to the next level,” Baker explained. “If you’re a motocross rider, you bring that extreme mentality in everything you do.”

As a former motocross racer himself, Baker knew that he had to develop a course that would allow participants to express their individual styles. He turned to skateboard and snowboard-terrain parks for inspiration while working on the site, situated in Fort Scott, Kansas.

“The guys are freeriding and, in essence, I’m free building,” Baker said. “It’s artistry. It’s about how cool I can make this. We create a bunch of weird shapes and mounds that let the riders go every which way and use their imaginations.”

Finding a Creative Uses for Deere Machinery

Dream Traxx had three weeks to complete the course for Red Bull Imagination 2021. This meant that Baker and his team had to work 12-hour days to get the job done. However, Baker knew he didn’t need to stress, as he had a fleet of John Deere machinery behind him to make it to the finish line.

“We don’t get an ‘A’ for effort,” Baker said. “It’s get it done or you fail. That’s the bottom line. John Deere products give us the confidence to just go to town and go full throttle. We put the machines to an extreme test and push them hard, and they keep up. Deere manufactures a quality machine.”

Dream Traxx turned to the John Deere crawlers and excavators that featured SmartGrade grade-control technology, as well as a 333G Compact Track Loader. The 333G is the first compact machine to feature fully integrated grade-control technology, and it’s just what Dream Traxx needed for its track-building initiatives.

“SmartGrade is my interpreter,” Baker explained. “It takes what I see and puts it into the machine in a way that makes sense to the operator very quickly.”

The slope control of the 333G allowed operators to select a specific grade and hold it, and the power of the machine itself made working on steep inclines a breeze. Being able to quickly change from blade to bucket also gave Dream Traxx operators the versatility they needed to get the job done.

“Deere has really embraced what my team does,” Baker said. “They gave us a huge amount of support for this event, and that means a lot to me. It’s awesome to have that level of support, and it makes me very excited to work with them.”

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