When you have a to-do list to get through in a tough work environment, such as a deep forest or thick swamp, John Deere has all of the equipment you need. The MH-Series Tracked Harvester models are designed to navigate around tough terrain, and they offer more power and consistency than ever before. Whether you need heightened boom control or additional power, the John Deere MH-Series has you covered.

What are the Benefits of the John Deere MH-Series Tracked Forestry Harvesters?

There are several benefits associated with the John Deere MH-Series Tracked Forestry Harvesters. These forestry harvesters are known for boosting productivity and efficiency through a range of forward-thinking technologies and options. Let’s take a closer look at some of the specific features customers can expect to see when they purchase an MH-Series tracked forestry harvester from John Deere.

Extended Stick Option

The 800MH model has an extended stick option for longer reach. This minimizes the number of cut trails on the job and ultimately boosts efficiency for both machine and operator.

Multiple Boom-Set/Attachment Combinations

A wide array of boom sets, as well as felling and harvesting attachments, can be used with the John Deere MH-Series Tracked Forestry Harvester models. This array of attachments helps operators stay safe and productive, regardless of their work conditions and environment.

Dual Swing System

With the dual swing system, operators can boost power and performance, even in the most demanding condition, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Strong Tractive Effort

Because of the strong tractive effort of the MH-Series Tracked Forestry Harvesters, operators have a heightened ability to work through everything from deep snow to swamps.

Wide Undercarriage

The wide undercarriage of the MH-Series Tracked Forestry Harvesters provides more stability and balance, regardless of the terrain.

Smooth Boom Control (SBC)

Machine movements can be controlled with ease, thanks to the SBC of these tracked forestry harvesters. The SBC feature promotes minimal wear and tear on the equipment as well, creating a longer lifespan and more useful hours for each machine.

Intelligent Boom Control

With Intelligent Boom Control (IBC), the harvester head can be easily controlled, with no need to manage each independent boom joint separately.

What are the Different John Deere Tracked Harvester Models?

There are five different tracked harvester models in the MH-Series from John Deere, all of which can substantially increase efficiency and productivity out in the field.

803MH Tracked Harvester

The 803MH Tracked Harvester can reach up to 300 horsepower and has a maximum boom reach of about 32 feet. It comes with optional IBC for easy boom management and has a tractive effort of 241 kN.

853MH Tracked Harvester

The 853MH Tracked Harvester can also reach up to 300 horsepower with a similar boom reach of approximately 32 feet. However, it has an increased tractive effort of 322 kN for more challenging terrain.

859MH Tracked Harvester

The 859MH Tracked Harvester can operate at up to 300 horsepower as well but provides up to 373 kN of tractive effort. Its boom reach is comparable at up to about 32 feet.

953MH Tracked Harvester

The 953MH Tracked Harvester offers slightly more power at 330 horsepower, and its maximum boom reach is almost 34 feet. It provides a tractive effort of 322 kN, comparable to the 853MH.

959MH Tracked Harvester

The 959MH Tracked Harvester can provide up to 330 horsepower as well, with a similar boom reach of about 34 feet. It has a tractive effort of 373 kN, in line with the 859MH.

Improved Forestry & Logging Technology with the John Deere MH-Series

Customers can take advantage of updated forestry and logging technology from John Deere when they acquire an MH-Series Tracked Forestry Harvester.

Precision Forestry

TimberMaticTM Maps and TimberManagerTM are production-planning and tracking systems based on maps. They give operators and contractors the opportunity to share real-time production and location information while working to create up-to-the-minute production updates.


As the main component of Precision Forestry, JDLink allows operators to manage their entire fleet of equipment from their desktop or mobile device.

Maximize Productivity with the John Deere MH-Series Tracked Forestry Harvesters

With the John Deere MH-Series Tracked Forestry Harvesters, customers can increase their productivity on the job. This can help them improve their efficiency and ultimately boost their bottom line.

If you have any questions about the John Deere MH-Series Tracked Forestry Harvesters, you can contact your local John Deere dealer.

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