While not everyone prefers a walk-behind mower, those who do understand the importance of comfort, control, and maneuverability when it comes to this equipment. This is why John Deere has dedicated time and effort to developing models, such as the W48R, to meet these specific needs. With the John Deere W48R walk-behind mower, operator comfort is the first thing customers notice when they use the machine. Control grips with recessed Operator Present Control (OPC) levers are contoured to reduce fatigue during mowing. The W48R is also equipped with a 48-inch floating mower deck, a V-twin engine, and a self-propelled hydrostatic drive system.

The John Deere W48R Walk-Behind Mower

What is the John Deere W48R Walk-Behind Mower?

The John Deere W48R is a walk-behind mower that comes from Deere’s line of commercial mowers of this particular style. Unlike those designed with seating, the W48R is controlled by the operator who follows behind it, maneuvering it around obstacles across the grass. The W48R is a part of Deere’s R Series of commercial walk-behind mowers, which means that it has more curb climbing ability than other models. With a frame clearance of eight-and-a-half inches, the W48R is resistant to damage that may occur under its frame. Additionally, this design reduces the chances of chipping curbs while operators are working around obstacles on the job.

What Are the Important Features of the John Deere W48R Walk-Behind Mower?

As a walk-behind mower, the John Deere W48R has several different features that customers will want to know before they invest in the product. Unlike similar models on the market, the W48R has highlights, such as high clearance and a self-propelled hydrostatic drive system. It’s these features that may deliver the efficiency and productivity that customers are seeking in a walk-behind mower.

V-Twin Engine

The John Deere W48R works with an air-cooled, vertical-shaft engine that offers up to 19 horsepower. Operators will benefit from its electric start feature that comes with a 300 cold-cranking amp battery for quick starts in the early mornings. The aluminum engine block with cast-iron cylinder liners is designed to dissipate heat, and the engine itself also features full-pressure lubrication. Over time, this limits wear and tear, and a full-flow filter keeps the oil clean as well. The W48R also complies with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s emission standards.

High-Quality Fabricated Mower Deck

Walk-behind commercial mowers from John Deere come with high-quality fabricated mower decks, and the W48R is no different. Its deck top has 10-gauge, 0.135-inch fabricated steel with a spindle mounting plate of the same dimensions. The side skirts have a reinforcement bar, and they are made of seven-gauge, 0.19-inch steel. Because of the floating suspension design, operators can be sure they’re always getting the best possible cut while working.

The anti-scalp wheels of the W48R are adjustable to three different positions for varying cut heights, and the mower’s high-lift steel blades stand the test of time. Adjustment pins have 90-degree bends so they can be easily removed and reinstalled when the cut height needs to be changed. Additionally, all height-cut alterations can be made without the use of tools.

Optional Mulching Kit and Blades

The John Deere W48R can be used with a mulching attachment kit that comes with steel baffles and gives operators the ability to use the mower deck for mulching. There is a special mulching blade included for side discharging.

Convenient Operator Controls

The operator controls of the John Deere W48R are color-coded for easy identification, and all of its levers, switches, and buttons are marked. All of the control levers are also recessed into the control handle when engaged, giving operators more comfort by contouring it to their hands. The choke and throttle are separated, reducing the chances of running into trouble with the mower’s spark plugs. The electric PTO switch is also visible on the dash.

Bumper-to-bumper Warranty

With the John Deere W48R, customers can expect to receive a warranty of 24 months with no hour limitation. It applies to all of the mower’s parts, with the exception of its tire and batteries, which have a separate warranty.

What Are the Key Specs of the John Deere W48R Walk-Behind Mower?

The W48R has several key specs that customers will want to familiarize themselves with before investing in this mower. Because it has many features, understanding them can help buyers decide how the walk-behind mower will benefit them and their specific needs.

19 hp Engine Power

The FX600V engine of this walk-behind mower operates at 3,600rpm and provides up to 19 horsepower, benefiting operators who work long days over hills and slopes. Owners will enjoy its electronic ignition for quick starts, as well as its V-twin cylinders for smoother use. The air cooling system of the W48R reduces wear and tear on the mower over time, and it also includes a heavy-duty air cleaner.

5.4 U.S. gal. Fuel Capacity

The John Deere W48R has a fuel tank capacity of 5.4 U.S. gallons, meaning operators can go for longer without needing to stop to refuel. This ultimately results in more efficiency and productivity. The fuel pump has a vacuum-operated diaphragm, and the fuel itself is delivered through a carburetor.

Two Hydro-Gear™, 0.73-cu in. (10-cc) Hydraulic Pumps

The transmission of this mower consists of two Hydro-Gear™ 0.73-cubic inch hydraulic pumps. With Danfoss wheel motors and ergonomic handles that feature a spring-loaded neutral lock, operators will benefit from a smooth operation and less fatigue during the workday.

48 in. Floating Mower Deck

The 48-inch floating mower deck of the John Deere W48R allows for a more precise cut, and the mower’s anti-scalp wheels are adjustable to fulfill the operator’s specific cut height needs. The blade-tip speed reaches about 18,000fpm, and the mower deck shields can be quickly removed as needed to reach the drive belt.

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Commonly-Asked Questions About the John Deere W48R Walk-Behind Mower

Given the many features of the John Deere W48R walk-behind mower, it’s not uncommon for customers to have questions about all it has to offer prior to investing in the equipment.

How Much Does a John Deere W48R Walk-Behind Mower Weigh?

In total, this walk-behind mower weighs about 705 pounds.

What Type of Engine Does the John Deere W48R Walk-Behind Mower Have?

The John Deere W48R has an FX600V engine with a V-twin design. Despite being lightweight, it is extremely strong and provides up to 19 horsepower. The full-flow filter of the engine limits wear and tear, and the FX600V also features full-pressure lubrication. With cylinder-head cooling-fin cleanout ports, maintenance is simplified for owners. The W48R has a single-element air filter, and it was created to comply with emission standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The 300-CCA battery is positioned within the mower to protect it from damage, but it is still easily accessible to operators.

What is the Maximum Speed of the John Deere W48R Walk-Behind Mower?

While in forward motion, the maximum speed of the John Deere W48R can move up to 7.5 miles per hour. In reverse, it can reach a speed of 3 miles per hour. The mower has an infinitely variable hydrostatic drive system, which allows for unlimited ground speed adjustments. The transition is also smooth, making it easier to operate the machine on even the most challenging terrain.

What is the Cutting Width of the John Deere W48R Walk-Behind Mower?

The cutting width of the John Deere W48R is 48 inches, but the mower deck itself can be adjusted to three different heights to meet specific cutting needs.

Where Can I Find the John Deere W48R Walk-Behind Mower?

The John Deere W48R walk-behind mower can be purchased by contacting your local John Deere dealer.

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