Harvest season is when you reap the rewards of your hard work. But thick canola and other windrow crops can make it tough to maximize your yield. The John Deere BP15 Belt Pickup Platform is the perfect solution.

The BP15 is a combine attachment engineered to enhance capacity in windrow crops, no matter the conditions. The BP15 handles uneven areas effortlessly, collecting crop residue that would be left behind by other belt pickups. Its specially-designed features — such as a wide picking width, large auger diameter, two-speed auger drive, and crop shield — work together to help you harvest a greater amount of grain and cover more acres every day.

What is the John Deere BP15 Belt Pickup Platform?

The John Deere BP15 Belt Pickup Platform is a high-performing harvesting platform and combine attachment, intended for use with the John Deere X Series Combines. This platform offers superior productivity compared to the S790 Combine equipped with the 615P Belt Pickup.

As part of Deere’s line of Draper Platforms, the BP15 minimizes overall header loss while maintaining the desired cut height of canola, wheat, barley, and other windrow crops. With a total picking width of 14.9 feet and two 26-inch diameter augers, the BP15 effectively conveys the harvested crop to the combine. It’s specifically designed to maximize the yield of windrow crops even in challenging conditions like uneven terrain, as it has the ability to flex and adapt to the ground’s contours.

How Can I Use the John Deere BP15 Belt Pickup Platform?

The John Deere BP15 is a relatively easy piece of equipment to use. Once the belt pickup platform is attached to the combine, the electrohydraulic header height allows you to easily adjust the header to match crop height. Then, simply select the desired auger speed, choosing between a faster speed for harvesting high-yielding crops, or a slower speed for less bulky crops like cereals and grass seed. 

The BP15 does the rest of the work for you. The windscreen and crop shield automatically direct free grain into the combine tank, reducing debris on the feeder house and windshield. This also reduces grain loss over the back sheet by up to 0.1 bu/acre in canola.

The hydraulic reverser and belt delay feature on the BP15 allows you to clear plugs without leaving the cab. When the feeder house is reversed, the belt engagement is delayed by the removal system. This unique feature is only available on John Deere.

What Can the John Deere BP15 Do?

The John Deere BP15 is a versatile, high-performing belt pickup platform that is well-suited for harvesting large windrows, uneven terrain, and tough crops. Its features include the ability to: 

Pick Up Many Acres of Wheat and Canola Windrows

Due to its wide picking width, large auger diameter, and two-speed auger drive, the BP15 can pick up 30 acres (12.1 ha) of wheat and 25 acres (10.1 ha) of canola windrows per hour,  ultimately helping you collect more crop in a given day. 

Reduce Slug Feeding and the Chance of Plugging

The John Deere BP15 has a heavy-duty clutch that’s positioned at the auger (rather than the platform back shaft) to reduce plugging in large windrows. In the unlikely event of a plug, the BP15’s automatic removal system activates to delay the belt engagement. 

Send Grain to the Feeder House

The John Deere BP15 has a large capacity auger, a windscreen, and a factory-installed crop shield that can send free grain to the feeder house quickly and efficiently, while reducing debris and grain loss. The crop shield is also adjustable, which allows it to match whatever conditions you face.

Handle Large Windrows

The BP15 can handle large, thick windrows without difficulty thanks to its versatile two-speed auger drive, wide picking width, and large auger diameter. These features allow the BP15 to adjust the speed of the augers to match harvesting conditions, harvest more crops per pass, and convey the harvested crop to the combine more efficiently. 

Maintain Consistent Height

The BP15 has an electrohydraulic header height control, making it easy to adjust the header height. The system maintains the correct height throughout harvesting to prevent grain loss and damage to crops.

Set Gauge Wheels Without Tools

The BP15 Belt Pickup Platform surpasses John Deere’s previous 615P Belt Pickup with its larger 20-inch (50.8 cm) gauge wheels. The BP15 offers a user-friendly tool-free wheel adjustment feature, allowing you to easily modify the wheel height. You can raise the gauge wheels for fluffy canola or lower them for cereals, ensuring optimal performance no regardless of the crop. The BP15 also incorporates gauge wheel height sensors to maintain a consistent operating height across different terrains.

Move Smoothly Through Rough Fields

The BP15 Belt Pickup Platform effortlessly navigates difficult terrain. The John Deere exclusive FieldGlide™ suspension system has an adjustable air spring that can be easily set to the desired level, along with a heavy-duty hydraulic shock. This combination allows you to increase your harvest speed without bouncing over windrows.

What are the Key Specs of John Deere BP15?

The John Deere BP15 has a number of key specifications that make it a top-performing harvesting platform. These features include:

14.9 ft. Total Picking Width

The BP15 has a total picking width of 14.9 feet. The enlarged picking width and the feeder house opening (adjustable with feed auger flighting and tines) enable the BP15 to gather a greater quantity of crops in one go.

Electrohydraulic Header Height Control

The BP15 has electrohydraulic header height control, which allows the header height to be easily and precisely adjusted from the cab. This is important for ensuring that the header is always at the correct height, which can help to prevent grain loss and crop damage.

26 in. Auger Diameter

The 18T auger drive sprocket has a 26-inch (66 cm) diameter, meaning it can move more grain per minute when compared to a 15T auger drive sprocket. 

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Commonly Asked Questions about John Deere BP15

As you consider investing in the John Deere BP15, it’s natural to have questions about its features and performance. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How Does the John Deere BP15 Improve Farming Efficiency?

The John Deere BP15 can help improve farming efficiency in a number of ways. First, the platform’s wide picking width allows it to harvest more crop per pass, saving time and fuel. Second, the platform’s two-speed auger drive allows the operator to choose the optimal speed for current crops conditions, which can help to reduce plugging and improve grain flow. Third, the platform’s factory-installed crop shield helps to prevent grain loss over the back sheet by up to 0.1 bu/acre in canola.

What is the Weight of the John Deere BP15?

The weight of the John Deere BP15 is 1647 kg (3630 lb), which includes the platform, the header, and the augers. This is relatively lightweight for a header of its size, which makes it easy to transport and maneuver.

What is the Operating Speed of the John Deere BP15?

The BP15 can operate at speeds of up to 10 mph, more than sufficient for harvesting most crops. This is a relatively fast operating speed for a header, allowing you to cover more acres in a given day.

Increase Farming Efficiency with John Deere BP15

The John Deere BP15 Belt Pickup Platform is a powerful tool that can help you increase your harvesting yields. The platform’s wide picking width, two-speed auger drive, and factory-installed crop shield harvest more crops per pass, reduce plugging, and prevent grain loss. As a result, the John Deere BP15 can help farmers and ranchers save time, fuel, and money.
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