For precise and efficient lawn care, from mowing to mulching and more, your choice of tractor is crucial. John Deere offers a range of models like the S120 and S130 that are ideal for homeowners looking to upkeep their lawns at an affordable price point. To determine which tractor fits your needs, continue reading for a detailed comparison of each model’s features, specifications, and performance.

What Are the John Deere S120 and John Deere S130?

The John Deere S120 and S130 are part of John Deere’s 100 Series lawn and garden tractors, designed for homeowners seeking reliable, easy-to-use lawn care solutions. Both models are engineered to offer comfort, convenience, and performance and share many of the same features. However, the S130 is slightly taller, longer, and heavier than the S120, which equips it for heavy-duty tasks and justifies its marginally higher price.

John Deere S120 vs. S130: Key Features

While they differ slightly in size, the John Deere S120 and S130 share many common features, including:

High-Powered V-Twin Engine

Both the S120 and S130 models are equipped with a powerful 22-hp (16.4-kW) V-twin engine designed for high torque, reduced vibration, and sound improvement. This engine ensures both tractors have enough power to handle whatever other lawn care tasks come your way.

John Deere Easy Change™

A standout feature for both models is the John Deere Easy Change™ 30-second oil change system. This innovative system takes the mess and fuss out of the standard oil change while also reducing oil waste by over 1,000,000 lb per tractor production year.

Full-Length Welded Steel Frame

Both the S120 and S130 models boast a full-length welded frame design with high-strength steel rails. This robust construction ensures longevity and reliability under the toughest conditions, delivering the durability that’s a hallmark of John Deere equipment.

Easy-Read Fuel Gauge

An easy-read fuel gauge located conveniently on the dashboard allows operators of both models to check fuel levels and access controls quickly. For those with the optional MowerPlus deluxe smart connector, the MowerPlus™ smartphone app can read and remember the fuel level.

MowerPlus™ App and Connector

The MowerPlus™app and connector offer a high-tech approach to lawn care. Available on both the S120 and S130, this feature provides valuable insights into the tractor’s performance, maintenance schedules, and more directly on the operator’s smartphone.

Edge™ Cutting System

Both models come with the Edge™ cutting system, designed for superior mowing performance and versatility. The system lifts grass to achieve the perfect cut every time, simultaneously evenly dispersing grass clippings. It’s easy to adjust and durable against damage and rust. 

John Deere S120 vs. S130: Key Specifications

The S120 and S130 share most of the same specifications. However, potential buyers should also be aware of minor variations, such as differing clutches for the mower deck.


Both models are equipped with a 22-hp (16.4-kW) V-twin engine.

Fuel System

The S120 and S130 each feature a gasoline fuel system located at the rear of the vehicle with a tank capacity of 2.4 U.S. gallons (9.1 L).

Electrical System

Each model has a 12-volt battery (300 CCA) and a regulated 8-amp charging system.


Both possess a hydrostatic, 2-wheel drive transaxle controlled via side-by-side pedals.


Both the S120 and S130 can boast a chassis with a full-length welded steel frame, CargO Mount™ system, and a maximum towing capacity of 500 lb. 


The steering systems in both tractors are designed for comfort and precision. They possess a sector and pinion with a single drag link and tie rod. Each vehicle has a turning radius of 18 in.


Comfort is key in lawn care, and both models feature adjustable, two-piece, open-back seats.

Lift System

The lift system in both models is engineered for ease of use. It has a spring-assisted hand-grip lever for quick and simple adjustments to the mower deck height.

Mower Deck

Both models have a side discharge Edge™ mower deck. However, the S130 features an electric power take-off (PTO) clutch, while the S120 has a manual PTO clutch.

Mower Attachability

Both models support a range of mower attachments that can be slid and connected under the tractor to enable tasks like bagging, mulching, and more.

John Deere S120 vs. S130: Make an Informed Choice Now

Choosing between the John Deere S120 and S130 depends on your specific lawn care needs, preferences, and budget. The S130 is slightly more expensive than the S120, comes in a larger size, and offers an electric PTO clutch. Either way, both options are known for their reliability, versatility, and ability to do the job. 

To learn more about which tractor is right for you, visit your local John Deere dealer.

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