John Deere has just unveiled its latest air cart model, the C-Series, which promises to streamline seeding and fertilizing operations for farmers. This new model is part of the 2025 John Deere cutting-edge equipment solutions, announced at the 2024 Commodity Classic trade show in Houston, Texas. With advanced technology and innovative features, the C-Series aims to enhance efficiency and productivity in the field. This blog will explore the key improvements and benefits of the new John Deere air cart and how it can help farmers optimize their operations for greater success.

What Is a John Deere C-Series Air Cart?

The John Deere C-Series air cart is a piece of agricultural equipment designed to assist farmers with seeding and fertilizing. It distributes seeds and fertilizer evenly across fields, ensuring optimal growth conditions. The C-Series air carts have cutting-edge technology to improve seeding accuracy, reduce maintenance, and enhance overall productivity.

What Are the New John Deere C-Series Air Cart Models?

John Deere has introduced a range of C-Series air carts, each with unique capacities and configurations to meet the diverse needs of farming operations. Here’s a look at the different models:

John Deere C350L & C350T Air Carts

The C350L and C350T models have a capacity of 350 bushels. They offer tank splits of 160 and 190 bushels and are available in both leading (L) and trailing (T) configurations. These and the other carts with sub-550-bushel capacity are new to this C-Series line and open up the benefits of John Deere air cart technology to lower-acreage farmers.

John Deere C400L & C400T Air Carts

The C400L and C400T air carts have a capacity of 400 bushels, with tank splits of 160, 50, and 190 bushels. These models also come in leading and trailing configurations. 

John Deere C500L & C500T Air Carts

With a capacity of 500 bushels, the C500L and C500T models feature tank splits of 190, 90, and 220 bushels, available in leading and trailing configurations.

John Deere C550L & C550T Air Carts

The C550L and C550T air carts have a capacity of 550 bushels and tank splits of 190, 90, 50, and 220 bushels. They are also available in leading and trailing configurations.

John Deere C650L & C650T Air Carts

The C650L and C650T models have a capacity of 650 bushels with tank splits of 50, 260, 130, and 210 bushels, available in both leading and trailing configurations.

John Deere C850T Air Cart

The C850T is the largest model in the new C-Series lineup, with a capacity of 850 bushels and tank splits of 50, 260, 130, and 410 bushels. This model is available only in a trailing configuration.

What Are the Key Features of the New John Deere Air Carts?

John Deere has packed the new C-Series air carts with a host of innovative features designed to improve efficiency and accuracy in seeding operations.

Total Seeding Solution

The C-Series air carts provide a comprehensive seeding solution, combining advanced technology and robust construction to deliver precise and efficient seeding.

EZCal™ Calibration System

No more crawling under the cab to calibrate your cart: The push-button EZCal™ calibration system accelerates the process by up to 75% compared to previous solutions. By calibrating from the cab continuously throughout the day, operators can now adapt swiftly to changing conditions.

AccuRate™ Meters

Constructed from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and composite materials, the C-Series’ AccuRate™ meters are electronically controlled to provide precise seed and fertilizer distribution. By lasting longer than the standard three-year span, these meters reduce replacement costs and improve the longevity of the seeding equipment.

SectionCommand™ Pro

SectionCommand™ Pro allows for higher-resolution prescriptions and better seeding accuracy. This feature helps farmers save on inputs by ensuring seeds and fertilizers are distributed only where needed.

Effortless Setup

The new C-Series air carts feature an effortless setup process, allowing farmers to get up and running quickly and efficiently.

Color-Coded Hydraulic Hose Handles

Color-coded hydraulic hose handles make it easy for operators to connect and manage hydraulic lines, reducing the chance of errors and improving overall efficiency.

Blower Speed Automation

The C-Series’ blower speed automation feature lets the operator set a target blower speed, which then adjusts automatically as conditions change throughout the day. This feature frees farmers’ time and attention to seeding — an especially important feature for newer, less experienced operators.

What Are the Key Specs of the New John Deere Air Carts?

The new John Deere C-Series air carts come with various specifications to meet the needs of different farming operations.

Tank Splits

Each model features specific tank splits designed to optimize seed and fertilizer distribution.

Number of Meters

The AccuRate™ meter bank contains six to eight individually controlled meters per tank, allowing for precise seeding and fertilizing.

Meter Housing Material

The meter housings are constructed from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and composite materials, ensuring durability and longevity.

Blower Options

The C-Series air carts offer multiple blower options to suit different operational needs. The C350 and C400 models offer standard capacity blowers, while the C850T offers high capacity. The other models offer a choice of standard or high-capacity blowers.

Number of Blowers

Each model features single or dual blower options to ensure optimal seed and fertilizer distribution.

Height (Transport)

Most of the C-Series models have a transport height of 13 ft. 2 in. (4 m), ensuring they can be easily moved and stored. The C650T, C650L, and C850T stand slightly taller at 13 ft. 4 in. (4.05 m).

Length Overall

The overall length of the C-Series air carts is designed to fit into various operational setups. It ranges from 27 ft. 1 in. (8.27 m) for the C350T and C400T to 44 ft. 7 in. (13.58 m) for the C850T.

Width With High Flotation Tires

High-flotation tires ensure air carts can navigate different field conditions without causing soil compaction. The C-Series models’ width with these tires ranges from 17 ft. 6 in. (5.34 m) for the C350T, C350L, C400T, and C400L to 21 ft 8 in. (6.62 m) for the C850T.

Shipping Weight (High Flotation Option)

The shipping weight of the air carts with the high flotation option varies by model, ensuring they can be transported efficiently. It ranges from 16,308 lbs. (7397 kg) for the C350L to 31,176 lbs. (16,937 kg) for the C850T.

Where Can I Find the New John Deere C-Series Air Carts?

The new C-Series air carts are a testament to John Deere’s commitment to helping farmers achieve greater efficiency and productivity. With advanced features and robust construction, they are set to accelerate seeding and fertilizing operations for farmers worldwide.

For more information on the new John Deere C-Series air carts, visit your local John Deere dealer to explore the options and find the best model to suit your farming needs.

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